My dear angel, you changed our lives! (#HavingABabyChangesEverything)
|   Oct 16, 2016
My dear angel, you changed our lives! (#HavingABabyChangesEverything)

Seems like just the other day, when you came my angel,

And touched my life and made it pure golden!

I cried in happiness, seeing you smiling in sleep,

When I held you in my arms, you swept me off my feet;

And somewhere I knew – my life was out for a beautiful change for sure!


You gave me sleepless nights and a hard time,

Harder than any of my targets, schedule and corporate deadlines;

You failed all my cleanliness drives and routines,

Commotion and chaos is what I started to enjoy and even see in my dreams;

From my office formals - to a pajama and a T-shirt mom,

I stumbled, I fell , I switched to a sabbatical from a work from home mom;

Forcing me to be happy in situations ever so wild ;

With your beautiful smile you said– Ma – I am surely changing your life !


Reading you the many story books, feeding you the last spoon,

Playing peekaboo and chasing you across the rooms,

I realised how important it was, to be a healthy and an active mom;

You sent me back to my jogging spree, you made me eat healthiest of healthy,

Pushing me always to be on my toes – Junior, you made me stronger for sure!


From changing your diapers, to helping me clean your poo;

Papa changed his working hours to spend more time with you;

Happy to join us as we sang those nursery rhymes 

to teaching you a bro fist and a high five ;

From taking you for a bike ride to playing music for you,

How he had all the time under the sky for you;

By your own fun ways - Junior, You changed your Pa which I had never imagined for sure!


Your being around made your grandparents become children again;

Ready to play and dance with you again and again;

From never forgetting that kaala teeka to always remembering to pray for you;

They left their TV screens and instead spent time with you;

Your contagious laughter bonded all of us around you;

By your so very innocent ways – Junior, you brought the family closer for sure!


Remember the day – when you first fell ill, my life just came to a standstill;

From all household ideas to the docs, I explored them all!

I became weak but I learnt,

motherhood is resilience; motherhood is being strong;

From that day till today, you have been teaching me things ;

things we forget as we move on;

From music to craft work to your competitions,we have been participating together in them all;

You keep sending us back to the basics – we have been improving on parenting for sure!


As we celebrated your fourth birthday and you were settled in school,

I thought I will have more time, to go back to my earlier corporate schedule.

But the more I thought about it, the more I felt otherwise.

Inspired by your beautiful smile; I took the cause of making many children smile.

You made me listen to my true calling - to make a difference in other’s lives!

And seek happiness by making the less fortunate children smile!


And as I write this and look back, 

I simply feel growing with you every day and each hour;

From conquering my fears to -

laughing incessantly with you my little charmer, 

Being a mom has been the life's most precious and the truest achievement so far!


Yet it seems like just the other day-

When you came and I held you in my arms, 

You touched my life and transformed it all !



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