Watched and Liked the movie, PINK - Now What?
|   Sep 20, 2016
Watched and Liked the movie, PINK -  Now What?

Ever since yesterday that I watched Pink, have been feeling a bit restless. An excellent effort with a sensitive theme, superlative performances and very relevant social messages which just not force but literally push you to think really hard. Surely is a must watch for everyone especially the parents, the teenagers and today’s young population.

There have been a lot many reviews on social media since past two days highlighting the messages that Pink has brought forth. Good that we are spreading those messages and pushing anyone and everyone to go and watch the movie. It is an eye opener. The director, the actors and everyone in the team has done an amazing job in all their respective roles and which is worth a big applause. The first step is done. The message is put across. But what next? We watched, we talked and discussed. Some of us will remember the movie for some time may be few months, keep the message in mind for another few months and then forget it, may be till we watch another good movie!

However as a parent with the responsibility of making my kids responsible citizens of tomorrow, I expect the same from the society. I feel our job is not just to watch and remember the message, but also to identify a plan which is simple to follow as part of our daily life yet paves the path towards our children being better citizens and the Indian society minus of few evils. Yes its important to introspect how we bring changes in our life which can change the society.

Penning down a few to ponder upon-

1) Instill courage in our girls to believe in themselves — Lets bring up our daughters instilling that confidence and courage in them such that they are decisive and don’t feel scared to say NO to any decision which they think is not right. Encourage them to be decisive. Don’t pass on your biases and judgements, expose them to options counselling with pros and cons and let them make their own choices. Appreciate them when they make correct decisions and be with them when they make mistakes.

2) Instill humility in our boys to respect the girls — We hide mistakes, many times due to societal pressure, triggering a kind of negative reinforcement that even if a child is wrong, mistakes can be hidden, you can escape! Giving punishments with proper reasoning and counselling is as integral part of parenting as is being an understanding parent. Emphasize the power of humility as well as the courage to accept mistakes. Lets instill humility in our boys and respect for females - at home , at work place and everywhere — sisters, wives, mothers, colleagues , friends as well as maids.

2) Ensure consistency in our parenting — Heard this — You should not cry, you are a boy. And is that ok to cry if she is a girl? Or a very recent one from a relative— I thank God that I have sons, its a tough world for girls! Imagine how would such a thought process translate into actions? We often forget to have a consistent thought process and messaging. Have rules on the liberties that we give to our children irrespective of boy or a girl, empower them by giving right examples and capabilities, share stories with them about people (men and women) who have surpassed boundaries and are our heroes today, praising them for their courage. Lets be consistent in our approach and persistent in our efforts towards the approach.

4) Finally lets Walk the Talk — As parents and responsible citizens, lets demonstrate all the above in what we do, how we react and how we interact with everyone around.

Lets Be the change that we wish to see in the world. The clock is ticking!

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