Menstruation- Whisper or wings??
|   Jan 13, 2017
Menstruation- Whisper or wings??

Yesterday, i went to a medical shop to get some medicines. I noticed a girl (standing next to me ) was waiting for her turn. I asked her to get her stuff first but she replied, "No thanks, you please carry on. "I'm just waiting for these boys to go first. 

I gave her a strange expression. Somehow it didn't clicked my mind. After the boys had left, she asked softly, almost audible to her & shopkeeper. "I want whisper" small packet. The medical store bhaiya ,asked her loudly, "kaun sa madam ultra wings kya"

She said softly, "Yes" (Making all sorts of faces)

Then he wrapped that packet in covers of newspapers & then kept it in black polythene & handed it to her.

I thought "ye naa insaafi kyun mylord  Mujhe white polythene aur ise black" :D

Point to ponder is "Why this handle with care attitude is so common with Sanitary napkins" Is it an atom bomb, so you have to keep it safely. Are you doing some crime by asking for it!! " Is it an unnatural or unknown thing for everyone!! 

Many women never keep their Sanitary napkin packet with the packet of the eatables. So there will be one bag of cereals & vegetables & one separate packet of the napkins. I always wonder, why they treated it like something dirty. In fact the unused sanitary napkins are the most hygienic ones. It will not contaminate your food by its presence. ( Though wrapped in so many layers ofcourse).

I remember, in some of my friend's families, it was considered as something unnatural. Parents made their daughter sit in separate rooms. Even their beds were different. They were eating in different utensils. They were not allowed to enter in pooja room or attending any pooja or holy ritual & not allowed to go to any temple. And one common myth was, if a girl touches the mango pickle during her periods, pickle will get spoiled. 

Even today, menstruation is treated as something dirty or unholy. If god disapproves of this fluid, why have they created such system in our bodies. This is the most natural process. This will give you wings & capability to bring one new life to this world. If we ourselves feel ashamed or conscious about it, how our society will going to change.

C'mon, Just be proud of it. There is no need to find places in your house to hide it safely. No need to lower your voice while asking for it in front of male community. They are the ones, who knows everything about it before we even experienced it!! 

So all my beautiful ladies-

  • Nothing is going to happen if you touch or eat pickle.
  • You can definitely give water to tulsi plant during your periods, Tulsi maa will not going to curse you for that or your tulsi plant will not going to die.
  • I know some people will disagree with me on that but i strongly feel that you can go to temple or attend any pooja during your menstruation. It doesn't cause temples to collapse. Nothing is wrong about it.

This is the time, we should get over such myths, so that we can nourish the future generation well. We should never pass on these myths to our daughters or future daughter in laws. Its our duty to make them feel proud & confidant about themselves. 

"God has given us wings...Fly high. Don't hesitate to choose your Whisper Wings"

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