Round roties- What is wrong in teaching cooking to your kids??
|   Dec 19, 2016
Round roties- What is wrong in teaching cooking to your kids??

My son being an inquisitive one wanted to learn making roties & i have never stopped him. Instead i encouraged him. He made all sorts of shapes, from India to Pakistan, whole world was on our plates. :)

One day he made the perfect round chapati. "Look mom, this is circle shape. He shouted excitingly. I jumped as if i got a gold medal. I said "Ok...lets make another one, I will shoot a video"  I had watsapp the video to his grand parents like i always do. Whenever Arjun learned any new thing, i usually sent videos or pics to his grandparents & they get very excited to see that.

This time, the reaction was o.k, as if they wanted to convey "what will he do after learning that"

So if i would have teach this to my daughter, it would have been ok, but son?? 

We are teaching our kids horse riding, taekwondo, shooting, wrestling, skating & lots more. None of these activities are gender specific. Even we are encouraging our girls more to pursue these activities & nothing is wrong about it. Our kids should learn as much as they can. But my question is why cooking is gender specific & under rated activity?Are we not suppose to teach our kids the basics of cooking. Will it not going to help them in future? Forget about girls or boys, no body wants to teach their kids cooking because they themselves read it as under rated useless job.

I have started proper cooking after my marriage but yes i always knew the basics. It helped me so much when i used to live alone during my studies & job. Even my husband learned to cook when he got his first job in Chennai.( For sure no north indian can eat sambhar chawal everyday ;)) We learned it at the time of crisis. When we had no option. But our kids can be the smarter one. They can learn it much earlier & what is so wrong in it.

Nowadays women  are everywhere. They are cooking for family, doing all house hold cores, managing finances, going to office to meet financial needs of the family. So is it wrong to expect from men to help in some house hold cores, or sometimes cook at home? If both can work outside to meet financial ends, why can't they both work at home together?

But in how many families, you find men cooking for his family (forget about once in a blue moon activity) Very few. You know why... because their mother feels, "That's not their son's job" & it gets imbibed in their personality.

So being a women & a mother, it is our responsibility to teach this to our son/daughter that no work is small, no work is gender specific. Will it not going to help in making a solid foundation for them. 

"Teach your kids all sorts of super activities but do not forget to teach them the basics"

My son is 5 years old. He knows how to make Tea, Maggie & Round roties & i'm very proud of him!!

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