Easy home made baby food
|   Oct 07, 2016
Easy home made baby food

Donnig the hat of masterchef and preparing variety of dishes contienental, chinese,lebanese and earn kudos and pats compliments from friends family seems easy sometimes compared to prepare food that will be nutritious as well as tasty for new member of the family that cutie pie who only can show their displeasure and happiness with their smiles and cries.Being baby friendly chef for a new mother is altogether a new challenge.Though it is best to exclusively breastfeed baby until 6 months.After that we can gradually incorporate new food in their diet.All you need fresh vegetables and fruits and a blender. Things must be done before introducing your cullinary skills to the baby 

1.Before starting your baby on solid food check with your doctor.

2.New eaters only need about 1-2 tablespoons of food so portions should be in small quantity.

3.Instead of introducing varieties of food item at a time one should start with one at a time to track any food allergy or discomfort.

4 Try it in the late morning so whatever discomforts will happen can be noticed easily and can be checked.

Age 6months


Soups can be added to your babies diet from six month onwards only one thing to be taken care of .One thing at a time. If it is lentils then lentils only.Also vegetables should be age appropriate.Soups are easy to prepare and has list of benefits.While instant soups are readily available in the market and seems to be the easier way ,it is not the healthy option as it contains artificial flavour  corn starch for thickening the soup.  

       Some of the popular soups which are easy to prepare in home and healthy also specially for the babies who has no pearly whites.

  • Lentil soup or"daal paani".It has unique taste and is best when served with teaspoon of ghee .It serves as a first food for babies.
  • Spinach soup  Boil spinach for few minutes and then strain through sieve.Add little amount of salt.Gradually we can incorporate lentils and butter.
Tomato soup  This is the most easiest soup to prepare.Boil tomatoes with skin,peel off once cooled,deseed,and then mash to soup consistency.Add little salt and butter for taste.

Age 7 months to 9 months

At this stage we can introduce purees .Most common purees are

1 Banana puree  Bananas are often a favourite fruit.,easy to prepare  and are filling and tasty


  1. Small ripe banana
  2. Soft boiled rice (preferred Govind bhog)variety
  3. Formula milk
Mash the banana soft boiled rice and  milk and adjust texture and make it runnier.

Carrot puree 


  1. Carrot(1)
  2. Boiled cooled water
Steam the carrot until it is tender.Puree it in blender and adjust with boiled cooled water.

Papaya puree



Peel and deseed the papaya and mash to puree with a spoon.

      By 9 months baby is probably ready for lot more variety than previous month.Now it is good time to introduce complex cereals along with breastmilk and formulas.Around six months of age babies have the ability to say "yes" to wanting food and "no" by pushing or turning away.

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