Ek choti si ghost story
|   Oct 11, 2016
Ek choti si ghost story

 Bus came to a screeching halt.Neha woke up from deep slumber and peeped out of the window to be greeted with the very familiar bus stop of  her hometown.She quickly picked up her luggage and dragged her tired body due to overnight journey from city to her hometown by bus.She was completing her teacher's training course in nearby city.She was away from her home for almost 6 months.She was excited .Finally she got leave to visit her home to attend her cousin sister's marriage.Her 's family was a joint family.A big family where each and every day was happening ,some sort of celebration going on all the time which she missed a lot in hostel..Her sister' s marriage was no doubt quite special and a big affair.Neha alighted from the bus and to her dismay nobody has come to receive her.Excitement that surged with every minute as she was nearing to her village suddenly started to evaporate. Neha beti...

Neha turned back to find kaka coming hurriedly towards her and apologised for being late  due to some puja which took place in their house that day.

What puja ?She did not asked further.As she opened the gate of her house which was already bedecked with flowers and lights she already forgotten her tiredness and complains, found everybody was there welcomed her with warm smile.As the moments passed she could sense something was wrong there.She could not point out what it was but certainly there was something eerie.After she touched feet of each and every elder members of the family ,left her luggage there only and run towards the Ashima's room.Ashima her cousin,best friend secret keeper everything .Both of them were a bit boisterous,fun loving and their favourite hobby was ghostbusting .Brother Nikhil came running after her and and in whispering tone said didi our house has become haunted ,nobody told u and everyone is scared.Ashima joined with him and told how for past few days they were disturbed with certain kid's laugh  who is non existent.They hear it after 6 o clock in the evening for past few days and they dont find any source so today they did griha shaanti puja to appease god and remove evil spirit that was haunting them. So kaka also got late while arranging for that puja. Her brother said today we will come to know if the puja did any good to them or not. That is why everybody is tensed and waiting for 6 o clock practically.Finally clock struck 6 .

And now this time Neha too could hear chilling voice o f child's laugh .It was indeed spooky.The voice was of  a baby who might be just 2 to 3 year old and there was no one such like in their house.She tried to reach the main door to find out the source because she felt it was coming from the garden but her mother held her back .It continued to laugh intermittently for half and hour and finally stopped.It was disturbing. Nobody ventured out and claimed they tried to find out but all in vain.Next day started with regular hustle bustle in the house after so called curfew lifted by the elders. Neha came out of the house and looked at surrounding of their house.House was surrounded by coconut and palm trees .She strolled the garden ,courtyard with watchful eyes.There was nothing unusual and in broad daylight it was more than normal except at one place just below one coconut tree tender coconuts were heaped at one place.Neha loves tender coconut water very much and she lifted one and was about to call kaka to drain out coconut water for her.  As she lifted tender coconut she saw something shining underneath.She looked carefully and to her astonishment it was a phone!.And she checked the phone and there were many missed calls coming from same number .She smiled.

   Sun sank lower in the sky, light of day draining away,crickets start chirping.Soon it grew dark and the clock struck 6 again.Suddenly the atmosphere of the house also changed and everybody keep looking at the wall clock knowingly unknowingly.Everybody was sitting in the drawing room for evening cup of chai.And the phone rang.

  Neha kept the phone on centre table which nobody noticed initially .So the child started laughing.No more spooky .It was simple ring tone.

Someone left the phone on the heap of coconuts and forgot to take it back.

 Neha picked up the phone and answered .It was the phone of the vendor who picked coconut for them and meanwhile left the phone there accidentally while stacking the fruits at one place.

 It was him only who called this number after 6 o clock to check whether the phone still exist or not.

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