Its cartoon time
|   Aug 02, 2016
Its cartoon time

It was sunday evening .I was doing grocery shopping in local mart.My son was assisting me in keeping the things in the cart.Suddenly he asked me to buy doracake.I was puzzled and looked at him.He smiled at me and painstakingly described how it looks .Its round in shape and chocolaty brown and it seems tasty. He also wants it because doraemon loves it.Now my son is avid fan of doraemon.He loves everything which has doraemon sticker on it.He also watches sin chan and ninja hattori. Though cartoon time for him is only an hour but it has lasting effect of 24/7

  Me too love  cartoons .Afterall how can i forget tom and jerry shows. I used to watch repeat telecast also.But i have stonger memories of playing outdoor games playing dolls or finishing chacha choudhary series not the ones about watching too much tv.Those are barely a blip in my memory bank.

 Because for my knack of cartoons i too sit with my son to catch up few episodes of doraemon sin chan and ninja hattori.To my surprise  these are nowhere near tom and jerry show or even spongebob squarepants.Sinchan talk backs to his mom and dont keep things properly which my son finds ok.Its really mystery why bad things give everlasting impressions in child's mind and good things remain far away and boring.I observed he is imitating shin chan and not keep his toys in right place. I was worried.

        I talked with my husband and asked him how to deal with it.He asked me not to force him that dont watch this or that .Let him choose and make a list which he finds more interesting than tv.My son loves cycling but it took backstage and got more engrossed with tv.

I started encouraging him to go outdoor do cycling .It will keep him fit.Initially he was reluctant and felt lazy to go out but gradually he started loving it again.Thanks to my hubby who always tried to be with him in his cycling sessions 

  I also started story telling sessions which he loved the most.After coming from school he is eager to listen stories rather than watching cartoons.Me too is more than eager to tell stories and I. do my homework which story to be told.

 Cartoons are the inevitable part of kids life.They will still like tv but they will love to play together and as a family even more. 

         I m sure my son will too cherish the moments he is spending with me and his father rather than mindless cartoons.

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