Methi but its still sweet!Methi ke ladoo
|   Jan 03, 2017
Methi but its still sweet!Methi ke ladoo

Methi ladoo is a traditional recipe which is quite popular in maharashtrian household and its customary to prepare methi ke ladoo during winters.When I first tasted it I could not believe that it was a methi recipe which tasted sweet!Being avid food lover me took no time in jotting down th e recipe and tried it at home too and it turned out a hit with my kid and family.Every winter I prepare this delicacy with much enthusiasm because of its medicinal benefits.Now the question is why only winter?Sole reason. -It is used as a cure for back or joint pains during winters and also gives warmth to the body.Its also given to the new mothers after they deliver baby.And its good for elders .

Suggestion-Intake time mostly morning or evening with warm milk.

Calorie counts (serving 1)-156

Total fat-0mg



Methi seeds-100gm(less than 1 cup)

milk-1/2litrs(2 1/2 cup)

wheat flour-300gms(2 cups)

ghee-250 gms

Gond , -100gms

Almond-30 -40

Black pepper -8-10

Jeera powder 2 tsp

Saunth 2 tsp


Cinnamom-4 p

Jaifal 2

Sugar (gur)-300 gms


Clean methi seeds properly and leave it to dry under sun.Put clean seeds in a mixer and make a thick paste somewhat similar to flour.Now boil the milk and soak the grounded methi in the milk for 8 to 10 hours.Cut almonds into small pieces.Now here I add cashew and pistachios.Then crush black pepper,cinnamom and jaifal into fine powder.Peel elaichi and crush it.Pour 1/2cup ghee in a pan and fry the methi until it turns brown and emanate nice aroma.Put fried methi in a plate and fry gond in the remaining ghee in a pan in low flame  .Then in leftover ghee fry the wheat flour till it becomes brown.

Put 1 tsp of ghee in the pan followed by pieces of gur to prepare chasni in low flame.Add jeera powder,saunth powder cut almonds cashews and pistachios together with black pepper cinnamom,jaifal,elaichi in the chasni of gur and mix it well.Now pour this chasni over the mixture of fried methi gond and wheat flour.Take little amount of mixture and shape it into ladoos to size of table tennis ball and put it in the plate.Air dry it for 4 to 5 hours before putting it in air tight container.

Yummy delicious ladoos ready.It can be stored for 2 to 3 weeks.

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