Ode to my daddy
|   Jun 16, 2017
Ode to my daddy

The father of a daughter is nothing but a high class hostage.A father turns a stony face to his sons ,berates them,shakes his antlers,paws the ground,snorts ,runs them off into the underbrush,but when her daughter puts her arm over his shoulder and says 'daddy' I need to ask you something he is pat of butter in a hot frying pan.courtsey-Garrison Keillor

This one is very right quote for me also. I will really run out of words to pen my feelings of love and respect for my daddy.I always wanted to share some anecdotes  about my daddy who had been my pillar of support till day.Just posting a message or sharing photos on social sites to show my gratitude is not enough for me.What I am today is not only the result of my efforts but the struggle my daddy undergone  to bring me to this position.

I am from a society where birth of girl child still considered inauspicious.I still remember one such an incident.We were standing in a line in front of fee counter of one such reputed school of our town.I got admission in that school .There we bumped with our neighbour who also came there to give admission to his son.After coming to know about my admission in that school he remarked sheepishly"beti ke liye itna kharch kyun".I have one sibling my brother .There are families who discriminate between son and daughter .May be they believe that son will bring fortune and bring salvation. But in my home partiality was like this .Daddy gifted both of us a cycle .That very evening my brother came from playground complained that whatever he bought  were all didi centric.That cycle too was ladies cycle.

He wanted both of us to be independent and gave us confidence to do our things own and took pride even in our small achievements.When I got my first scholarship he distributed sweets.

There is common perception that father is the standard against which a daughter judges all men.This perception is not wrong  at least for me.Most of the time I end up comparing my husband with my daddy.No matter whoever be the prince charming in girl's life but father will be the king.

His guiding hands will be always on our shoulder no matter what or how far we stay.

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