Open letter from new bride to mother in law
|   Dec 26, 2016
Open letter from new bride to mother in law

Sacred fire.Bride and groom circling round the fire .With each pheras a whole lot of transitions take place.Transitions from first stage of life devoted to education and learning to second stage of life devoted to building a household and raising children.Anxieties and anticipations associated with marriage.Anxieties are more with new bride than groom whose life is going under sea change. With each pheras feelings takes a roller coaster ride.Feelings of happiness...getting married,being centre of attention which suddenly turns into nervousness with end of pheras.Specially when it is an arranged marriage.Apprehension of starting a new life with new person.Its not all about the new person in life  ,its also starting a new life with a bunch of new people read in laws.In laws or only mother in law precisely??New home new expectations...

Expectations of being superwoman or superbahu.These expectations are not only from a new bride but from every daughter in law.

Dear mother in law

I am not perfect and I am yet to understand the nitty gritties of running a household which is completely new to me.I took degrees in skills which is noway related with household chores .Society ,in laws expect daughter in law work relentlessly without a break and women folk too have gracefully accepted it as their mantle.But I m not trained in household jobs and need time to understand it all.If you have complain dont convey it through vias .Openly discuss it with me rather than complaining behind the back.I left my house my parents  to be with you all but my parents are also my priorities and I do take care of them too along with you all.I will respect your decisions but sometimes have my own way of doing things.Dont compare me with others and accept what I am and I am part of this family.I am comitted in this marriage but whole life not revolve around this marriage.I need a friend ,a friend in you.

Yours daughter in law

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