Spoil me rotten
|   Jun 21, 2016
Spoil me rotten

Aarti is a working mother,her day starts at 5 o' clock in the morning with a cup of tea some quiet time,making bed,taking a shower and dressed for the day.she gets ready for the hectic day ahead,prepares nutritious breakfast for her son ,she is young mom of four year old boy Aakash.For Aakash its another day for school which he loves very much except getting up early in the morning and his mom ' s early departure for the office.Though he did not like the idea of staying home alone with a caregiver after school but Aarti's promise of surprise gifts on her way back home always cheered him up.Aarti also never forgot to keep her promise to see his happy face after a hard day's  work.Everything was going well except sporadic outbursts and resentment of Aakash for no apparent reasons and sometimes his smart talking and mimicing back but Aarti chose to ignore or let the situation go with mild bashing.That day it came as a shocker and really discouraging to see him in a recent birthday celebration with a party favor in one hand and a bag of candy in the other screaming because Aarti refused to buy the toy from the same store the birthday boy got.Now Aarti realised she was very much dealing with a bratty kid.Bratty kid throws tantrums talk disrespectfully when is feeling angry .Even loving and attentive parents can wind up with stubborn brat.But this time Aarti did not ignore the situation and took the reign in her hand took few simple steps to unspoil him.She stopped bringing surprise gifts on her way back home and started giving responsibilities like finishing the homework before watching tv ,chores like cleaning his room keeping the toys in right place.Earlier he used to protest shouting back "why should I clean the room?its my room its going to get messy again."Aarti stuck to her stand and kept calm.Gradually he understood that whatever he wants he wont get instantly and talking back will neither help his situation and  thatmellowed himdown.Aarti also never missed the chance to appreciate Aakash when he was less rude or spoiled and reward her with kind words taking a moment to say like "you are doing great " Being overprotective ,rescuing from every uncomfortable situation or gifting expensive toys wont solve the situation.A spoiled child acts in rage but that doesnot mean we have to negotiate instead we should offer several solutions to an issue or problem to keep the conversation open and fair if the child is little older.Children who are entitled spoiled and rude are often the product of a society where all the informations products and media children need are virtually at their fingertips.It is utmost important to teach them to share responsibilities importance of hard work and in return we should appreciate their endeavour and spend some quality time with them.Positive feedback creates positive association between a child and parents and a better understanding.

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