Be Selfish – My motto for 2016
|   Jan 06, 2016
Be Selfish – My motto for 2016

I am sure you raised your eyebrows when you read the title of this article…J

Let me make myself clear...I don’t mean being unreasonably selfish. But it’s about putting myself first. Nothing wrong in that I believe. In the daily rut of life we forget to give ourselves the importance, love and care we deserve. We need to love ourselves first to feel confident and be able to function with a happy state of mind.

This is the year to live for myself, follow hobbies I like and not only for myself, I want my family members to care for themselves too. We should rely on our gut feel/intuition when interacting with people. Sometimes due to social norms, we end up being nice and social with people whom we get negative vibes from as well. For what? It just leads to a bad feeling within us which makes us unhappy.

This is an important lesson to be taught to our kids too. They need to love themselves for who they are rather than seek society’s approval for the same. They should be free to choose whom they wish to befriend and be able to say ‘no’ to befriending people whom they get negative vibes from. We as parents need to respect their choice and not force them to fit into societal demands.

There is a reason why we get negative vibes from certain people. That is our inner sense of security which warns us against some people. Lets respect that and abide by that this year.


Wishing all of you a happy, self-loving, intuition led 2016!!

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