Children - The future safekeepers of food...
|   Aug 31, 2015
Children - The future safekeepers of food...

With the prevalence of adulteration and doubts raised on the safety of food we consume, we always seem to talk only to the women of the household regarding the same. We somehow seem to ignore the growing battalion of the future - The kids!!

Today's kids are proactive, open to new knowledge and are greatly aware of happenings in their surroundings

Lets empower our children to join this cause on food safety thereby ensuring we leave behind a world of aware individuals who know how to fight against adulteration and ensure only safe food is consumed

The following steps can be taken on a daily basis to explain to our kids the problems of consuming unsafe/adulterated food and measures to counteract the same:

    1. Explain to them the impact of consuming unsafe/adulterated foods

    2. Take them to the market when shopping for fruits, vegetables and other foods and explain how to seek out safe food - quality of vegetables, no          shine on apples, etc

    3. Explain how to read the food labels of packaged foods

    4. Explain why we should avoid consuming fruit juices etc. from roadside stalls

    5. Teach them how to detect adulteration in foods - conduct small easy experiments and show them - the steps are very easily available on the               Internet

    6. Explain the importance of consuming correctly packaged food and indicators of the same

Lets raise this Food Safety Army and safeguard their future :)

Do let me know your suggestions on other ways in which we can inculcate this habit in our children...

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