Juice up your life....
|   Apr 26, 2015
Juice up your life....

We all know the benefits of having fruits - minerals, anti-oxidants, dietary fibres, sugars and vitamins. We also know having the fruit by itself is great for health. But owing to our fast paced lifestyle and improper eating habits, we tend to opt for fruit juices as they are easy to consume. Also, kids prefer this format as its easy to wash down with minimal effort and being high on taste. 

Given a choice, we would love to prepare fresh fruit juice and consume it but again, we don't have the time for it. Also, if we manage to make time, the freshly squeezed juice needs to be consumed immediately. We cant carry it to work or pack it with our kids tiffin.

So, we sometimes end up opting for fruit juices sold by local vendors or at restaurants. But are we sure of its quality, the kind of fruits used, how long ago it was prepared, if the mixer is cleaned regularly etc. I am not even mentioning the unhygienic conditions under which the fruits might be stored, doubts on whether its cleaned and handled properly etc etc..this is an unending list of doubts and concerns

So whats the solution? Processed fruit juices. They have Prebiotics which enable synthesis of Vitamins, metabolism of Bile Acids and help activate Immune system. 

The safe way of consuming them is by way of aseptically processed juices in cartons which helps retain nutritional value, natural taste and flavor. The juice is free from bacteria and contaminants and does not require any preservatives and can be stored safely for a long time without the need for refrigeration

The availability of different fruit combinations, pure juices, different SKUs allows each one to pick their favorite; its the best way to carry with you on -the-go, send it with your child's tiffin without the fear of the juice getting spoilt; even serves as a great snack and treat when others come visiting!!!

Juice up your life!! :):)

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