Raising a responsible mother
|   Mar 13, 2016
Raising a responsible mother

As mothers, we are always focusing on how to raise our children. Have we ever given a thought to the kind of mother we are and are becoming?

The kind of mother we are and aim to become has a direct impact on the child. We ask our children to be good, responsible, respect others, eat healthy food, share things and many, many more things as in our ‘DISCIPLINE’ bucket. But are we really doing the same? Do we respect the maid and talk to her properly, do we eat healthy food, are we exercising, you know the drift.

We ask them to participate in contests or activities and do their best and not feel bad if they don’t win. But, seriously, as mothers are we not competing amongst ourselves?

Do our children have good role models in us to know that what you ask them to do is being followed and hence they should also emulate the same actions?

Most times it’s not. So instead of having goals defined in our minds for our children, let’s try and achieve those goals first, be their role model. Trust me, after that you won’t have to tell them to mind their behaviour. Our children are super smart and will be ready to question us back if we deviate in our behaviour from the set rules. We will be the ones to be embarrassed and fumbling for answers.

The best way out of it is to sincerely apologize and tell them you are working on it…and actually work upon it and show them the results!! Isn’t that what we expect them to do as well!!

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