Rambo Circus - Must visit... Relive your childhood
|   Nov 30, 2015
Rambo Circus - Must visit... Relive your childhood

Circus...the thought of one brings up images of clowns, colorful ambience, trapeze artists, animals and of course popcorn and candy floss. 

So, when Rambo Circus came to town, I decided I would visit it with my son and relive my childhood with him. The trip started with purchase of popcorn, candy floss, samosa and Frooti :)

As the acts started, my son's enthusiasm reached a different level, he got up and started dancing and wanted to interact with everyone upfront. The acts were excellent with brilliant performers from different parts of the world.

There were new acts as well which I had never seen before - new aerial acts and different balancing acts. 

The 2 hour entertainment extravaganza was mind blowing along with the appearance of the elephant and its cricket performance :). Also, we managed to get a picture with a clown which my son was thrilled about (evident from his smile in the picture for this article)

Do visit the circus and have a great time with your kids and family. Rambo Circus is in Mumbai till 16th December 2015.

For more details you can visit www.rambocircus.in

Enjoy and do let me know how you liked it!!!

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