Summer Holidays at Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi - So many places to explore!!
|   Jun 14, 2015
Summer Holidays at Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi - So many places to explore!!

Every year, we take a holiday during Amogh's summer break at school...this year we visited Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi.

It was a 7 day trip - though hectic, it was a whole lot of fun. There is so much for kids to do as well. At KL, seeing the Petronas Towers is a must of course. It offers a breathtaking view of the city. You can see the view from the 41st floor from the skywalk and the observation area on the 86th floor.   KL tower also offers a breathtaking view.

Other areas of interest specially for kids are the Zoo, Bird park, Aquaria KLCC, Genting Highlands, Sunway Lagoon. Particularly interesting was the up close and personal view of all animals and birds at the Zoo, Bird Park and Aquarium. It gives a realistic feel which is enjoyed by kids and also the beautiful display adds to the charm. The recent inclusion of Giant Pandas to the zoo is an added attraction. Sunway Lagoon is a 5-in-1 theme park with water park, adventure park etc which is enjoyed tremendously by children and adults alike. We had a great time there and wanted more :)

Langkawi Island is a beautiful place to visit. The numerous beaches and islands offer beautiful views of nature. The cable car is worth the view that it offers. Nature'e beauty is abundant and one just cant get tired of it. The crocodile park, underwater world (with penguins as well :))are kid-friendly attractions. We took an island hopping tour on a speed boat. Some islands have smaller pools created within the main lake/ocean for kids to enjoy in. The white sandy beaches are beautiful and beckon all with its beauty and the clear water.

Throughout our trip, we were concerned about the quality and safety of the food we consumed specially on the go. Lucky to have found abundance of juices and beverages packed in Tetra Pak packaging - the safekeeper of food :):) 

The trip left us exhausted but extremely happy...we are still sleeping off our exhaustion :):) 

We just couldnt get enough of KL and Langkawi and hope to return sometime again :) ...

#keepfoodsafe @Tetra_Pak_India

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