In peace I am with you, Mom!
|   Feb 03, 2017
In peace I am with you, Mom!

This story is about our relationships we nurture, we care for. The story conveys that strong bonds never die. Sometimes we have to learn important lessons in hard ways to make us stronger, more responsible and more careful. We can find positive intentions from those lessons to give our life a purpose.  

We should not forget we can always take a forward step to strengthen the bonds.  

All characters and events depicted in this story are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

“Come on guys? Where are you?’  Jimmy uttered while he kicked the tire in irritation.  He was standing beside school bus that was about to start to drop kids home.  “Hey Jimmy, get in”, Raj, Jimmy’s friend who stays in same society called Jimmy. “Raj, my family was supposed to pick me up today.  They went to enroll my little bro in football coaching class. And your parents too are with them for your bro’s enrollment right?” Jimmy said. “Never mind dude!, they must be late.  Let’s go home by school bus.”, Raj convinced Jimmy.

Jimmy and Raj got off from the school bus at their society gate and walked towards their buildings thinking their families will soon reach.  Jimmy waited in building’s lobby for almost an hour. With curiosity elderly watchman uncle confirmed if Jimmy is waiting for his family. He offered his mobile phone to Jimmy to call his parents and know their whereabouts.  Jimmy really wished if would be allowed to carry mobile phone with him. It was his mom who never allowed him to do that as Jimmy used to irresponsibly waste his time in gaming apps on the mobile.

Jimmy started conversing, “Hey Mom, where are you? You guys were supposed to pick me from my school? What happened uhh? What a fuss?”

Mom said, “Hey dear! We are fine! Enjoying an awesome journey. Beautiful ocean-green colored farms, fresh, cool weather, colorful evening sky! Wow!! Can’t express my joy!”. “Hey Rohit, look out, look out.  See the fresh harvest. I told you many times that on the way from Mumbai to Nashik there are beautiful farms and farmers sell their fresh harvest to travelers. But you never had time for this”. Jimmy realized mom was talking to his dad. He found their talks interesting. “Yeah, you were right! But this is not the highway you are talking about. This is different place. Awesome all this is!” Jimmy's dad exclaimed. 

They both forgot about Jimmy while enjoying scenic beauty on their way.  “Hey, look at those Sunflowers. So big and shiny.  Oh look at their dazzling glow. Are they real suns? Can’t believe”, dad continued.  “Yeah, they are suns, they seem to be fire balls. And look here stars around. Are they stars or Fireflies? God knows! Where are we?” Mom supported. “Hey hey Mom, are u listening to me? Where are you all going?” Jimmy asked. “Hey Son, we really don’t know where we are headed. There are no signboards, there is no one on the road. The road is clean, clear and bright, long but narrow. There is no other vehicle behind or ahead of us. But this journey is awesome! This is a treat” Mom replied. “But where is Raj’s family? They were with you for enrollment” Jimmy asked. “Yeah! We all are in the same bus.  Your bro and his friend is giggling and jumping with joy.  Hey hey. Hold on. Hold on. There is tornado of light in front of us.  It’s bright and huge. My god!! But it doesn’t look to be stormy though. It’s not speedy and random.  Jimmy! Jimmy its taking us within it. We are entering it. We are going in it.” She continued. Jimmy kept calling her, “Hey Mom, hey Mom, hello, hello” and there was silence for a few seconds. After some time Jimmy heard soft, tender and kind voice of his mom. She said,” Jimmy, Jimmy, its cool here! It’s like we are inside a big bright balloon of light. We all are now light figures. It’s amazing here. I never experienced so much of joy and satisfaction before. 

“Now, now, we are slowly being elevated. Now it’s even better.  Wow! We are going up. And it’s getting dark here. Dark! Dark! Complete blackout, looks like we are floating on soft and snowy clouds.  It’s incredible! We have no worries, no fears. We are only experiencing extreme joy and peace! Astonishing! None of us are able to see each other but I can feel that you’re Dad, your brother and our friends are here. I can feel them with my heart. We all are together. My boy, I think no chatter is allowed here. It’s silent here! I think I have to be quiet now.” Mom paused. 

“Mom! Mom, listen to me. Listen to me” Jimmy yelled.  “Yes! My dear Son. I am with you. I will always be with you. Don’t worry. Here we are safe, steady and happier than ever before.  We will stay here forever. Listen to me. I am with you. But keep in mind. To feel me, to speak to me you need to be silent first. Remember no chatter allowed here.  Learn to be peaceful. Any time you want to connect to me close your eyes and stay quiet. Good bye my child. God bless you”

Jimmy had no words but tears in his eyes.  Watchman uncle asked Jimmy, “Son, what happened?” He looked at the phone, checked the calls and there was no incoming or outgoing call made. He wondered whom this boy was talking with since last thirty minutes.

Without saying anything Jimmy went towards Raj’s building. He saw Raj was also waiting there in his building lobby.

 “Jimmy! Jimmy!”, Kapoor uncle, Jimmy’s neighbor was chasing him. Jimmy turned back. Raj also joined him. “Jimmy! It’s tough time child. Please, please hold yourself. I got a call from police station, the bus in which your family and even Raj’s family was travelling met with a terrible accident.” Kapoor uncle hugged Jimmy tightly and sobbed.  “None of them survived! None of them survived.” He cried.

Raj collapsed and cried out loudly. By that time there was a big mob of men and women around them.

Jimmy was calm and composed, staring in one direction. Jimmy was in self talk. He uttered in his heart, “I know where they are. They are happy. They are safe. They are in peace. My mom gifted me an incredible thing which I never had before. A gift that can't be stolen from me. Rather I can share with everyone. Peace! Silence! Love! For the whole of her life she insisted me to drop out my irritation, my anger and asked me to stay calm and peaceful.  She kept worrying about my aggressive nature and hyperactivity.  But now she taught me peace.  To connect to my family I have to be peaceful. In silence I can feel them. Thanks for that Mom. But isn’t it a lesson that you all gave me in hard way?  I must have attained peace while you all were physically around me. Please forgive me. I love you all. I promise to be with you all the time. "

Jimmy always stayed in close connection with his family than ever before. For the rest of his life the precious gift he received he shared with everyone he met. The gift of Love! Peace!.

 This story brings up another perspective about our departure from this world. The journey may not be as scary, as bad as we have been thinking all our life. We miss to understand beauty of this journey to divine while we remain engrossed in sorrows. 

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