Tooth Brushing Tips for Toddlers
|   Feb 15, 2016
Tooth Brushing Tips for Toddlers

Everyday parent struggle a lot with their toddlers to get a brush into their mouth. Toddlers don't really know the importance of brushing their teeth. We keep on telling scary stories related to cavities but still sometimes it becomes hard for a parent to make their toddler brush. Here are few suggestions that can help you.

Let the toddler pick their own toothbrush:

Take your tot to the nearby store and allow them to select their toothbrush of their favorite character or color that they love.

Make it fun:

Try to make brushing a fun game. Like keep a race between you and your child that who could brush for the longest. So that your child enjoy's brushing.

Brush along with your toddler:

Brush your teeth with them and let them know that how much fun they are missing. Let them watch you so that they know if they brush they will enjoy it.

Make brushing part of daily routine:

Try to make your child brush before or during their bath so that they should not feel lazy and tired. Make brushing twice a day part of their routine so that they get habituated of it.

Make sounds or sing:

Encourage your child to make sound like 'eeeee', 'heee', 'aahhhh' (for back tooth) to make their mouth open widely. You can also sing silly songs so that your kids can sing while brushing.

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