An open letter to my girlfriend..
|   Jun 08, 2016
An open letter to my girlfriend..


Dear sweet heart,

You are going to lead my life, very soon. You became my life. My heart will be brunt if I fail to keep my promises to my highly talented lady.

So let's be closer. I am sharing the bitter chocolate bites with you. I know history repeats; still I am dam confident that you will accept my gloomy side also.

I lost my elder brother after his marriage. Still now, I can't understand his sudden transformation and behavioral changes from a friend to an unsatisfied elder brother of careless, lazy of me, I found myself either blamed for my friends or for my broken career. Sometimes I get surprised of his unknown silence towards me. I felt, he changed. I cried as a baby, who lost his guide, philosopher and best friend forever.

So my dear darling! Never complain of my brother and sisters. If you don't like their attitude, kindly bear it for me. They will not stay with you.

My dream was to live with my parent because I grow up with them , when I left my home for higher studies, I used to promise when I will be successful, I will change the scenario. But don't worry; my eyes are filled with your dreams only.

But never complain, if I take care my sick parent.

You left your house, your parents the same also I am doing with you. Don't underestimate my sisters, if they bring handmade sweets for me or cheap gifts for you. Don't compare, if I purchase some gifts for my niece and nephew. My sisters have sacrificed their career even also managed in less pocket money. My parents, my sisters and brother are the history behind my success. They are the reasons, why I able to get you marry.

No doubt dear, they are not dependent on my bread, but they are hungry for my happiness.

I will never dare to invite them for holidays, not even in our wedding anniversary. But kindly don't complain if they visit me in my birthday or our children's ceremony.

This is what I wanted to convey, I confess and agree all, I will try to execute all your demands or needs. I will be honest, dedicated life partner and can sacrifice my blood and life for you.

Hopefully you will reconsider all.

With love

Yours only.

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