He says or she says
|   Oct 28, 2016
He says or she says

Every day,  before leaving office he must have a breakfast argument with his wife,  last two years has been  very disappointing arguments between the two souls. 

Finally wife decided to leave the house, 4 because of husband consta--ntly nagging with simple things...She never dares to take any steps only to shower tears. But this time she dares to oppose, she fought with all negative attitudes and pinching emotions. 

It was the day after 11years,  she asked herself is this the life for what she left all relationships and her career ...how could  she decided to live with this fellow rest of life,  who doesn't know even what she loves to eat ! 

Oh God,  what she is doing with her life,  she blamed herself. It was she only who keeps clean house,  cloth and all corners of house but not thought for her face,  nail ! It was she only who has taken all responsibility of household, children and in-laws health and delicious food,  but never thought for a kitty party with friends. 

It was she only who left all her hubbies, even could not manage to read a book per six months but she was a voracious reader. 

Still her husband has all the complains. He has no care of his wife even not in her birthday or anniversary.. Not even a fresh flowers for her. 

Her husband "this anniversary I wanted to tell you something "

Wife became hopeful and replied " I can't wait more days please share now. "

Her husband " Actually wanted to ask you which type of divorce you want.. Mutual or.... "

Wife tears came out.." oh  sure ...my mind has correct guess.. But heart wants to listen one more propose for the rest of life... In a candle light dinner in a luxurious hotel."

Both are silent for two seconds.. The husband said " after expending  if you again leave me, then my money and efforts will waste,  so I need confirmation before!! 

Wife was speechless,  after few seconds,  she replied back this is the reason why I want separation. 

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