Crochet therapy!
|   Aug 10, 2016
Crochet therapy!

I'm a happy homemaker and yes i was content to change diapers ,clean ,cook and will continue to do so with pleasure . But i did crave for something more , a little more.i wanted to espress myself in more than one ways . After all  life should' nt be only about keeping a home , it should be much more for an individual . We are human beings who inherently seek growth and change !  And for those of us who are not keen to jump back into the career wagon here' s the good news " the world is our oyester"!

After a hard day 's work it' s important to relax and rejuvenate , not just our physical senses but also our souls .Learning something new feeds our mental health , lifts our moods, our self esteem is boosted and contributes to OUR  general well being . A CREATIVE HOBBY enhances our functioning and is a stress buster . ENOUGH said .

CROCHET is one such creative hobby i grew passionate about. Why ? You ask , well it' s easy and i did indulge in it in my teens and it was easy for me to pick it up again . Amazing what a little hook  and colourful yarn can do . lacy wraps  for your princess, harry potter scarf for your prince , a cute baby blanket for a new born in the family   , a christmas gift to a dear friend , A warm shawl for yourself  and the list goes on . There are a zillion projects, instruction, patterns on the net that get you started . 

Finished your work ? Play your music , sit in your favourite corner , pick up the yarn and weave your magic ! Or watch your favourite show and make a quick project with ease . Whatever suits and works for you . Its adaptable , flexible and mistakes are forgiving in crochet . And you can do it on the go too.

what are you waiting for ? If yarn calls out to your creative soul in no time you will be hooked ! Go for it . 

Love to hear from my readers . What fuels your passion? Do share .

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