Evolved RANGOLI .
|   Aug 13, 2016
Evolved RANGOLI .

Rangoli ! Oh ! Those days when I used to wake up early just to see the rangoli drawn outside and compare it with my neighbours . The amazing designs spun from dots had me spellbound.

I wondered how rice powder could come together and fill my senses with such ineffable delight !

Done with rice powder and riot of colors with nimble fingers moving with precision and accuracy, defying all geometry I learned .

It screamed " WELCOME" like nothing else did .

A sight to behold even before you entered the threshold, the festivity and gaiety it conveyed, flagged off the celebrations to a fevered pitch. It did, to me, at least.

I remember walking on the streets trying to memorise the patterns and their intrinsic twists and turns.

But alas ! Now a days barely anyone has time for such artistic endeavour. Not to mention time consuming for a city bred like me who is always chasing the elusive " TIME".

The sticker rangolies took over by storm in the 90s and the rest is history .

I stopped judging. I get it. Small houses, even narrow streets, hectic IT jobs, vitrified tiles in flats and too much of an effort involved in cleaning . I fretted too . Couldn't do without the colourful rangoli and couldn't bear the staining of tiles and the cleaning task, aftermath.

But the sticker rangoli was so not to my taste.

The OHP sheet rangoli was too main stream for someone like me who craves for artistic uniqueness!

So I discovered foam sheets,

to my utter delight.

Painted my designs, cut to my whim, displayed in whichever corner I chose and rolled them away to reuse for the next special occasion !

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