Home makers with an empty nest !
|   Aug 10, 2016
Home makers with an empty nest !

Yes ! We all go through that phase eventually .

Kids grow up , leave sooner then you expected . It hurts . The apple of your eye who dogged your footsteps not so long ago is all grown up , all knowing teenager, far away in college painting it red.

So , now what?

You stayed back home , left a promising career , made your kid your world . Everythng was about him , with him and you knew no other world .

I get it . Been there done that !

But now it's time to move on . Time to make color our world . Time to make him proud !Yes he will need me time to time but I'm not his centre anymore .

So now it's the best time to explore ourselves , to grow , to learn , to live !

A new craft , a new language , a new place to explore and pen your thoughts ... It's like a whole new world has opened up with unimaginable possibilities.

That's what I'm doing and it's working wonders

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