The this maturity , smartness or opportunism?
|   Aug 06, 2017
The this maturity , smartness or opportunism?

Asha and Purohit had a love marriage through They both had a late marriage. Asha was 10 years younger to him and she was all Purohit had wanted ... Sweet , simple,  smart,  beautiful and intelligent and a working woman. Asha had one condition for marriage that she would pursue her career after marriage.Purohit never had any objections and in fact always encouraged her as she had a good career and also earned a salary equal his. She used to travel internationally and he flaunted his wife with pride.His parents lived with them.However ,Purohit had not shared details of his mother's habits and temperament with her. His mother was very old school and wanted a stay at home daughter in law.She realised and experienced this in the first year of her marriage but he always supported and stood by her in everything and loved her a lot.Then Asha was pregnant and had to take a break from her job for 7 months as she was unable to travel during which she stayed at home.This was the most traumatic period of her life where in her mother in law would abuse her everyday , hide food so that Asha could not eat.Asha went into depression and complained to Purohit. Purohit listened initially but did not offer much support and blamed Asha for taking a break from work and losing all the money due to this. She gave birth to a girl and was cursed by her mother in law for not giving them a boy.Life at home had become mentally  torturous for her after the baby with Purohit not supporting her emotionally and ignored her state of mind.She had fights with him and one day left home with her baby to her friends house. Unfortunately, Purohit did not even go to bring her back home. She could not stay for long at her friends home with no job and a 3 month old baby. Her father in law asked her to come back and she finally resented.Things were the same until 2 months after which Asha managed a good job in a reputed company.She had the dilemna of leaving a 5 month old baby at home but also wanted to back to work as life at home was a living hell.

Purohit was very glad to have Asha back to work and supported her in this. He was back to his normal behaviour  and started loving her like he did earlier.  She was happy to have Purohits love again and forgot the past. 

Purohit had a bad phase in his career and he lost his job twice and was jobless for almost 2 years. He was frustrated and depressed as he was unable to find a job.Asha became his support and encouraged him not to lose hope.He finally got a job though at he same package but life continued.

After 2 years Purohit got a good opportunity with an MNC with double the pay package.He became very arrogant and started treating Asha very badly.Unfortunately time did not support Asha and she was having a very bad phase at her workplace and she lost her job due to restructuring. She dreaded sitting at home again and the very thought of her mother in law and the torture she went through made her go into depression. She called a professional friend of hers for help who was also looking to hire a person. He liked her but could pay her the same salary. She accepted the job at half the salary as she had no choice and this was better than staying at home.

But her husband put her down in several ways and ridiculed her as she was taking half her salary.Only in the night  he was sweet and nice to her and in the morning he was back to his rude behaviour.

Life became difficult but she was happy as she was working. Simultaneously she started looking for a job which would take her outside the city so that she could separate from her husband .

She was about to close an offer in Bangalore in a reputed company and she shared this with her husband.

Her husband started showering love and affection from the day he got to know so that she would not go.

Not sure if unconditional love exists 

Is a woman meant to be only a trophy wife ?

Are all husbands or men opportunists ?

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