The QUALITY time concept
|   Jan 19, 2016
The QUALITY time concept

Being a teacher, I get many opportunities to interact with both children and mums.
Many of such conversations result in in-depth discussions where mothers wish to discuss any issues relating to their kids.

Recently after having a lengthy conversation with a very troubled mother I was forced to reflect upon the amount of QUALITY time we spend with our kids.
It cannot be denied that with the amelioration of technology and influx of gadgets we all seem to have turned into an island by ourselves.

Going back to the mother, she was quite insistent on the fact that though she spent a lot of time with her son and tried her very best to just devote time to him, she seemed to be getting nowhere with him especially where his studies were concerned. She couldn't understand where she was missing out, considering she was sacrificing her social obligations , house , other child and completely spending one on one time with her son.

First question which I asked her was whether in all her alone time with her son if she switched off her mobile. She seemed quite bewildered at my question while I could instantly see the light dawning in her eyes , understanding exactly what I implied.

Through this entire incident I too realised that there are many a times where we feel we are with our kids, all the while chatting or face booking or whatsapping, not realising that while physically we may be present , mentally we are on a completely different plane.

This not only isolates the child, but makes us impatient and irritable while dealing with them fostering in both of us a feeling of resentment.

What we sow is what we reap, hence it should not come as a surprise to us when in our old age our kids mirror our actions....after all children learn by example.

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