Toh Bhenji Bahu Lane Ka Kya Fayda Hua
|   Oct 11, 2016
Toh Bhenji Bahu Lane Ka Kya Fayda Hua

Anandi lived in a small village. Her day to day activities included completing her household chores, taking care of  her in-laws, going to the fields. She  was blessed with 2 Children. While all the people in and around her village thought of bringing up their children in the village itself, Anandi was adamant in giving her children a good education. She wanted them to grow up and take up good jobs. When Anandi and her  husband decided to send their children to a good school in town. They received a lot of sarcastic remarks  like "School bhej ke kya karoge  ana toh vapis ghar hi hai". Anandi faced a lot of situations like this all the while her children were in school. Now 26 Years past Anandi's children are successful and she feels proud that she had taken the right step for their education.

This year Anandi got her son married , while there were a lot of girls in her vicinity, she chose to go by her son's choice. Getting a  Daughter-In-Law from a  town raised many eye-brows in the village. She again came across absurd  questions and remarks "Kyun Humare Yahan koi ladki ni mil jo dur se ladki la re ho","Shehar ki ladki hai ghar mein kaam ni karegi", "Kya bhut sunder hai jo  yahan ki koi ladki  achi ni lagi". While people made remarks she was happy as she had found the perfect girl, as she was looking for a girl who could  understand her son well, is aware of his work profile and also both can work. 

While her happiness knew no boundaries, she was very happy with her son and daughter- in-law. There were  people around who were not happy with her happiness and constantly let her down. One day she went to visit her aunt as she was not well, when she got to leave in the evening, her aunt remarked "Aj yahin reh ja, kal chale jana". Anandi smiled "Nai mataji, phir kabhi aungi aj ghar pe kaam hai". Sunita, one of the other ladies who had also come there remarked, "Kyu teri bahu kya kaam ni karti, jo tujhe ghar pe rehna padta hai, meri bahu toh saara kaam karti hai". Anandi smiled and replied "Bhenji  woh shehr mein rehti hai, naukri karti hai". The other lady replied "Yeh lo, bhenji phir kya fayda hua bahu lane ka sara kaam toh khud karna pad ra", Sunita remarked, "Isiliye acha hota ki gaon ki ladki se shaadi krate meri tarah, aap  aram karte woh saara kaam sambhalti". Anandi never  replied to such absurd comments that were put to her, but this time she was shocked hearing all this. 

Anandi putting a big smile on her face and replied ,"Bhenji mere do bete hai, main bahu nai beti layi hun, Agar meri beti hoti toh mein bhi usse job karne deti, woh padi likhi ladki,  jab woh acha kaam karti hai toh mujhe khushi hoti hai. Agar mein gaon ki ladki bhi lati, toh bhi mein usse apne bete ke saath sheher bhejti. Main bahu apne fayde ke liye ni lai hun. Kaam krane ke liye toh mein naukrani bhi rakh sakti hun, shaadi kyu krati”.  All the ladies were silent on hearing this .

Though Anandi had given all of them a befitting reply,  she felt bad about her children and all the while walking back home she was thinking about it. She thought what the ladies said was true had she brought a daughter in law from her village, she would have managed the home and she would not have to listen to all this. She thought of taking it up with her children.

On reaching home she discussed it with her husband. Her husband calmed her down and explained to her, "See, we have always given the best to our children, we gave them good education, good learning, good upbringing and while we did this, we both did it together even when all these women kept pulling you back. You are a good mother what people did 25 years ago, they are doing it again. You are a proud mother of three children, now you have two sons and a daughter. We have got a daughter for ourselves and a wife for our son, they deserve to be together in all walks of their life. When the time will come they will take care of us, you need to trust your upbringing, people will say and they will always say as such".

She thought about  it and smiled to herself that how stupid she was who was going to fall for all this, it’s the society that made her feel bad and not her children.

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