Constant Battle for Recognition
|   May 12, 2017
Constant Battle for Recognition

There were things which would bother me, but I could ignore them earlier, but now that I'm a mother, it's very hard for me to overlook things people say and do because now I am responsible for another tiny human and what he sees and will ultimately learn from.

We live in a world which thrives on sadism. A woman who can't become a mother, and she is ridiculed. One who may have embraced motherhood early on in life, will be made to feel like a load of junk because she didn't wait long enough to have a baby.

Any choice you make, you're made to feel worse about the choice you didn't make, and sadly, all this comes from our own kind- women. As if it weren't enough to be fighting with men to carve a niche for ourselves, we need to fight it out with other women who, mind you, have been though their own share of miseries.

Why does a mother in law feel threatened by a new entrant whom they all have lovingly "welcomed" into the house? And this negativity is contagious, doesn't take too long spreading to the others in the house. Why say I'm taking a daughter not a daughter in law, when you can't treat me like a daughter? And for that matter, why get offended when I can't treat you like my mother? Every relationship is different, and if you just love each other for the relationship and not try to change it, everyone will be happier.

Our system says it's easier for a newly married girl who has just "left" her home, and is suddenly expected to make this new place her home, I'd say, maybe, but it can't it be a two way street? Meet each other halfway or at least somewhere along the way?

Why this constant need for recognition? Because no one (read men) that you are doing for has given you that? Be nice, love each other, understand each other! Men cannot do, they are not programmed to.

Spread love, be one force, stand up for each other, not against.

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