God and Her
|   Aug 05, 2016
God and Her

Its been a while since I have been experiencing relationship god has with his devotee. And I have seen many a forms of the same. All sorts of manifestations – Some cruel, some ugly, some pleasant and happy while all of them defying logic. I never had strength to question the belief and the way it was practiced. Guess, its To each his Own! All of this is not to say that I am an atheist. Just that I have been very convenient in practicing my belief towards the One above. I am a practicing Hindu and have been witness to all good and all the ills that plague my religion.

But this latest one stands out so far. A Little Girl and Her Belief in One Specific God amidst millions we have in Hinduism (Spoilt for Choices!!).

Can you miss your god and say that “Mujhe Hanuman Ji ki yaad aa rahi hai?” 

So much so that she won’t feel like doing anything. Studies will have to wait and food can wait. What follows is a barrage of tears flowing. How does one now take care of these emotions? Every Tuesday – its Hanuman Ji’s birthday and she won’t sleep till she shares her set of boondi with her Hanuman Ji. Dare you say that Hanuman ji sabke hai. For her, its only her and Hanuman Ji. 

Her Grand-parents feel happy and at peace, the way this girl interacts with Hanuman Ji. 

I wonder where and how did it all start. A bit of analysis and you have the answer to this special bond the girl shares. While growing up, every night her grandmother would narrate her story of Shabri and her devotion towards Lord Ram. So now, if you narrate the same story to the girl, she would reply by saying she carries the same devotion towards Hanuman Ji – Surprised? Everyone around her is.

But, it doesn’t really matter now, for its well engrained. 

There have been moments where all of a sudden this girl would stop playing in middle of park and sit quietly. When asked, the same answer would come up. All her friends then start laughing and she would want to hide her face. She is told to be strong and be like Hanuman Ji. These events have happened many a times and all these reactions from everyone haven’t changed her belief in Hanuman Ji.

One day, the girl came back from her school and cried in lap of her mother – She was keen to play part of Hanuman Ji at school, when Bal-Ramayan is staged in her school. Her mother tells her that next day when she goes to school, she should request her class-teacher. A smile suddenly appeared on her face (was to be short-lived though). Next afternoon, the teacher declined the request. The inconsolable girl was suddenly quiet and went into her thinking mode. “Mummy, I fit the part of Hanuman Ji, don’t I? I even know everything about Hanuman Ji and Dadi has told me everything about him. Then why didn’t the teacher give me the part?” Mother, on the other hand is looking for answers. “Beta, you should first change your clothes and eat your lunch. We will talk about it in the evening.” The mother wonders what should she tell the little girl so that her belief is maintained.

Another night, while at dinner table the girl asked – Hanuman Ji mujhe dikhte kyu nahi? Woh mere ghar kyu nahi aate? Woh kab aayenge? Then her Grandmother would reply that he comes at night when she is fast asleep. And that is so not convincing an answer for her – So she better ask him directly. Aap mere ghar kab aaoge? 

In all of these present times, when everyone is running behind technology and everyone is trying to learn something new to get that elusive edge over others, this little girl already stands out. Its so much pleasing and relaxing to know someone in front of you is content at this very age with this one belief of hers yet unshakable. I wonder with all the religious lines drawn in contemporary world and Hinduism is no different (The degrees may differ), when this girl grows up – Will the world accept her then? Will the world allow her to practice her belief in Hanuman ji the way she has been doing till now. The innocence and purity of this bond is too good for this real world, yet its there for all of us to witness. Today, we all smile and laugh when the girl misses Hanuman Ji. Will we accept her then too? 

Hanuman Ji – I have my own set of belief and faith in you. But I cannot match up to this girl and her faith in you. I can only make a request – Just take care of her. I know you can see all of this happening. I worry that this belief and faith might change when she grows up, even if she does want it to happen. Only thing I can request you – Just be there for Her – ALWAYS ! Pranaam.

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