5 Signs Your Toddler is Ready for Pre-School
|   Jan 21, 2017
5 Signs Your Toddler is Ready for Pre-School

Are you a parent who is worried about sending your child to pre-school /day care? When to send your child to a pre-school is often a debatable question. Some of you may be interested in the development of his cognitive skills, others may want his social skills to develop faster. Some mothers need their 'me' time. Most of these reasons appear valid. But before deciding on the pre-school/day care, let's check out these factors which indicate that your child is ready for pre-school. 

#Listens to instructions 

Pre-school or day care is a good option if your child listens to your instructions and can comprehend them. His ability to understand will develop further when he has to follow instructions in group activities designed for pre-schoolers. 

# Points out towards things of choice

Even if your toddler doesn't speak clearly but is able to fulfill all his needs by pointing towards things he desires like food items, toys, shoes you can be confident that he'll have a good time at the day care. 

# Eager to socialize 

You are lucky if your child enjoys outdoors and doesn't want to get back home. Day care is a great option if he feels happy when around other kids and doesn't want to leave their company. Once enrolled in a pre-school he will not miss his parents. 

#Shows signs of independence 

If your toddler makes all efforts to eat by himself or insists on having food items or snacks of his choice through hand gestures or tries to wear his shoes on his own, he will be comfortable at the day care as he wants to be independent. 

#Sticks to a routine

Pre-schools are great activity centers for kids who have relatively fixed routine at home. If he is used to having food at regular intervals or has a fixed time for visiting the play area he is sure to like his pre-school where activities are time bound. 

It would be a great idea to send your toddlers to a pre-school or an activity center if they display these signs. You should definitely check out a good day care/pre-school which will not only keep them creatively engaged but also prepare them for school life! 

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