Mutual Respect
|   Oct 24, 2016
Mutual Respect

Coming from a well to do family Mona was a smart young Indian girl. Having completed her graduation, she was dabbling with the idea of pursuing her post grad. But a couple of decades back the norm was to get daughters married off soon after graduation. Her parents were also looking for a suitable match for her. Soon began the hunt for a perfect groom who could take good care of their pretty daughter. Mona still remembers distinctly how she had met her prospective husband. It was one of those matrimonial advertisements that she had chanced upon . So impressed was she by Sushant's profile that she requsted her parents to allow her for a meeting with him. He's my prince charming, thought she to herself when they both first met. Sushant not only had an impressive personality, but had the gift of the gab too. Mona was smitten by his charm. He was well placed in his job which entailed moving from one place to another. What more could Mona and her parents ask for. Mona's parents left no stone unturned to ensure that the wedding was perfect. After fulfilling most of the demands from the groom's side she was married off to her prince charming. When they set off for their honeymoon Mona was thrilled. A new life awaited her. Sushant took her to the most exotic places. However she realied that he was a little insensitive to her needs. Things would be fine once they got to know each other better , she thought. A sensible and sensitive person that she was, she truly believed that to nurture any relationship it required acceptance and mutual respect. Sushant had to resume duties and soon he took her to his place of work. The company had provided him accomodation and Mona was delighted to see this new place. It was a quaint little town where the company had provided all the essential facilities for the employees. What else could she have asked for! However in her heart of hearts Mona was distrubed. Sushant was rough and disrespectful towards her at times. He had an inflated ego and looked down upon girls all the time. His jokes to oo were crass and hurtful. He didn't leave any opportunity to belittle Mona. Be it her dressing sense, her cooking skills, her behavior with his colleagues anything and everything was met with sarcasm by Sushant. Initially Mona took time to fathom his intentions. She thought that since she had a very protective and pampered childhood, she was over reacting. Her father was very soft hearted and caring. He had never raised his voice or even admonished her. May be his is a different personality type which she would take time to gauge and adjust to, she conceded. Once Mona went visiting her friend over a cup of coffee. Since Sushant was to return late she sat chatting with her friend. After a while she heard a familiar honking of the car. Is that our car... before she could give it a thought any further, in came Sushant howling and shouting her name. Apparently he had got back early from work and was upset that his dutiful wife was not at home. Without paying any heed to her friend he started scowling at Mona. Mona was too stunned to react. After Sushant left in a fit of rage, Mona who was already into tears was too embarrassed and excused herself. Her friend too felt guilty at this show down between the couple. Nevertheless when Mona reached home, Sushant was busy watching TV. He was neither sad nor sorry for what had happened. His rude behaviour was causing Mona much anguish and pain and he was oblivious to it. Soon came the good news that Mona was pregnant. When Sushant came to know this instead of feeling elated, he blamed Mona for an early pregnancy. According to him the child would come in the way of their enjoyment and would curtail their freedom. Mona was devstated. She never expected this from Sushant. Who would believe that he was such a narrow minded person. In his office also people dreaded Sushant's temper. He was short tempered and foul mouthed. But since he was perfect at his work he was a favourite among his bosses. And he took full advantage of this situation. In misery find happiness was Mona's mantra and she lived by it. Despite his rough ways Mona continued to live with Sushant. Her's was not a happy marriage, she would often tell her friends. The daily stress and tensions were gradually eroding their respect for each other. Although everything appeared perfect on a materialistic level, she yearned for that basic care and connect between a husband and wife. And this was something she could not express openly. The birth of her son brought some temporary relief from the whimsical dealings of Sushant, but that momentary love too soon faded away with time. Sushant had an I, Me, Myself attitude. He was very disrespectful towards his wife, but projected an entirely different persona on the social front. Mona tolerated all his nonsense for the sake of her children. She was always the submissive wife and Sushant took full advantage of this. She at times lost her cool and felt torn apart. She had everything any woman could wish for... a beautiful house, two lovely children, a handsome husbsnd, but still the there was a wide chasm between her and happiness. No amount of wordly pleasure could fill in the emptiness in her heart. The lack of understanding between her and Sushant left a deep void in her heart. His aggressive behavior, abusive language, shouting kept worsening as days passed by. She was alarmed when she saw traces of similar behavior in her son. This is something she could not accept. She would go that extra mile and teach her son to respect women. She always felt that instead of teaching girls to be dutiful, it was more important to teach boys about gender equality.Her life had become miserable, but she would not let that happen to her children. She would take help from friends and family and counsel Sushant. She would gradually imbibe in her son the concept of mutual respect. She was convinced that although the path seemed arduous her son would eventually create heaven for the girl he marries. But for that to happen she would have to take baby steps right from the beginning. She was sure that with her patience and love she would be able to achieve success in her relationships.

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