When Her Second Born Was a Girl
|   May 12, 2017
When Her Second Born Was a Girl

It was not long ago...just some fifteen years back, that Divyanka became a proud mom of her second daughter. But instead of rejoicing for her second princess, her mother in law had shed tears of sorrow on the birth of another grand daughter. Very hopeful of having a son to run the so called family name, she didn't leave any opportunity to make her daughter in law feel guilty about her second born. Having a quite husband by her side did no good to Divyanka, as he would not open his mouth in front of his mother.Divyanka coming from a well to do cultured family, found it too humiliating and depressing. Her mother in law knew her submissive nature and took full advantage of this fact. She kept playing negatively on her mind pushing her towards the brink of depression. Giving personal space to their son and daughter in law did not figure anywhere in their list of priorities.

She would often compare and complain about her two daughters. Anything that Divanka did was looked down upon with lot of apprehension .This trepidation would make Divanka feel extremely uncomfortable with her parents in law. She would wait for them to go back to their native place. All throughout their stay, her mother in law with her spit fire tongue would make her heart bleed. 

And surprisingly this was happening with her in this modernized era. 

May it was somewhere the weaknesses of her character that she succumbed to this old century thought process of preference for a male child. Her mother in law would often tell her how invalid she was by giving birth to two daughters and that how trapped her son felt in the company of three women in his life. Slowly Divyanka too had this uneasy feeling that her husband would be happy only if she bore a male child. She knew that her so called educated friends would find it very difficult to digest, but yes she was feeling let down by her in laws who wanted her to have another baby with the only hope of producing a male heir.

Days and months passed by but their adamant attitude wouldn't change. They would call up their son and their grand daughters and talk to them but not her. They were a bad influence on her daughters and sowed the seeds of rebellion in them against her. She knew that teenagers were a little difficult to deal with, but it seemed like they were slipping out of her hands because of her mother in law's interference. She felt pushed to the wall with no one to take her side. But the future of her daughters was at stake. She had earlier tried to protest mildly, but it did not make much of a difference. Because of her compromising self , she could never draw the line for her in laws...upto there - not further. 

Another nagging issue she faced that added to her agony was that her husband couldnt strike a balance between his parents and her. This turned the dynamics of their relationship into a skewed graph. She missed the heart to heart talk with her soulmate. Although he was always there she missed the connect with him. Her daughters too used to be happy when their father was away. The emptiness of her soul and the complexities of the lack of understanding between her and her husband added to her loneliness. Like most other women she desired the attention of her husband that could give her the satisfaction of leading a contented life.But that happiness was never destined to be hers,she would often feel.

Only when her in laws started to make matters worse, by pressurising her daughters to come and stay with them forever, did she decide to take things in her own hands. During one of the phone calls, she calmly told her mother in law that enough was enough. They had interferred in her life all the while and robbed her of her peace of mind, she would not let them do that to her daughters anymore. She was capable of taking good care of them and would let them take up a career in any field of their choice. Her stern voice and determined tone, had the necessary impact on her in laws. Her daughters were also growing up and could feel the pain of their mother. She started sharing her pain with them. They gradually warmed up to her. She felt emboldened once she won over the confidence of her daughters. They realised that whatever she did was for their betterment. Soon they formed a tertific troika. They started to enjoy the fineries of life with their mother. It was a new beginning for Divyanka. She knew that one day her daughters were going to make her feel proud. She would leave no stone unturned to go that extra mile for the sake of her princesses. With great efforts her elder daughter took up fashion designing and her younger one excelled in fine arts. Sky was the limit for them now. A proud mother of two daughters couldn't have asked for more, Divyanka thought to herself. 

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