He has dedicated his life to everyone in the family except one
|   Mar 10, 2017
He has dedicated his life to everyone in the family except one

I still remember the childhood days when we used to run towards the main gate after hearing horn. We used to wait for the whole day for you and often complain for not coming on time after work. I remember how Monday was most important day for us rather than Sunday as it was you’re off from work and the day for all outings like picnic in park and movie night. I remember every time you selflessly did what I wanted, and never asked for anything in return. I remember every display of overwhelming patience and grace you showed us. I remember it all, because it lives in our heart forever.

Even you had long working hours, you always carved time for us and your family by taking us outdoors from mountains to desserts trip so that we could cherish our family time memories. You managed to celebrate all our birthdays and special days from graduation to marriage as a grand event.

You helped us with your creative ideas to complete our school science and art projects. Even encouraged us to indulge in other activities and hobbies by participating in competition. Sometimes we even surprised you with sudden fancy dress completion in school and you rushed to plan best for our performance.

I remember, how you used to interrogate all boys who used to chase your daughters and how scared they were from you while trying to follow us. Thank you for telling us that a lot of men in the world are not worthy of my attention.

You always expressed warm appreciation for my cooking in the initial days when I was learning, even that was worst. I am still not able to understand how you managed to finish that whole plate.

Being a father of two daughters, you walked in the opposite direction of crowed and gave us freedom of making our own choices by taking full responsibility. You believed in us and motivated us to follow our dream by allowing us to choose career as per our interest. You’ve always stood back and let us shine. You gave up your dreams so we could chase ours and worked long hard hours so that we could run after our dreams.

We have always seen you as our pillar and strength in our childhood but the day you were dropping me to college hostel, I noticed your emotional side as well. You nearly jumped when I called to say “I am coming home” and even our neighbors get to know your darling daughter was coming home as you started doing preparation to welcome me whom you always addressed as “Ghar ki Raunak”. You always treated us like princess with all favorite stuff on table. 

When I was struggling to get a job and was at my lowest, you made me feel better and said the words I needed to hear. You always accompanied me for all job walk ins after college and giving it priority rather than your business. The day I got my first job, I still remember you were proudly telling everyone about it.

When I was getting married and ready to fly the nest, you were reliving every moment we had ever shared all at once. Everyone out there knew how you were feeling as you were crying your heart out and was not willing to leave my hand. I was holding my tears at that time but I burst out the moment I left. I have seen inside that hard, strict exterior, there's an emotional and lovable man to whom no matter where I am or how old I get, I will always be his little princess.

You are our TOWER of STRENGTH! You believe in me much more than I believe in myself. I want to be more because you believed I can. You forgive my faults and only encourage my strengths. You are so proud of me and your confidence in me encouraged me to reach for the stars. It's because of you that today, I can call myself a strong and independent woman. You have always kept my happiness and independence before everything else.

From teaching us how to walk, to teaching us how to deal with life, you have always taught us how to stand on our feet. You have always been there whenever we needed you. You always stood beside us, smiling proudly and making us feel good about ourselves. You were always there as a father, as a best friend with whom we can confide almost everything- fears, mistakes, successes, failures and you always listened and guided us while dancing in our joys and being a pillar of support in my hard times. 

For all the sacrifices you have made, for everything you have given us. For all your love and concern and for every time you tolerated our fuss. Today we want to say thank you, for being the dad that you are. No matter how old we become, you will be our life’s brightest star. It is not possible to be a great father until a person becomes a great human being, and dad, you are both.

You may have been a loving husband, perfect son, and a trustworthy brother. But the way you have been an amazing dad beats them all. You have sacrificed your dreams to make sure that we have a smile on our face. Your life is dedicated to our happiness not to your own happiness. Thanks for everything.

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