Mumma please keep your phone down
|   Mar 03, 2017
Mumma please keep your phone down

There has been a lot of discussion about cell phone radiations and its impact on our bodies. Parents may feel good about letting kids use learning smartphone apps that promise to teach numbers and letters, but they're not necessarily beneficial. By age 2, the majority of kids are using mobile devices to click selfies or to see songs and cartoons. Even we let our kids play with mobile devices while we are doing household chores or busy with friends. Now days I can find children watching cartoons on mobile while parents are watching movie in theater or sometimes even while having dinner in restaurants.

Undoubtedly, it makes good sense that lots of screen time isn't healthy for any child, and may not be an ideal activity for children. Nor should it be substitute for good old playtime. Parents need to avoid overdoing it, too.

It’s not uncommon to parents to use their cell phone even while playing or feeding little babies. I have seen new moms using phones while feeding them bottles or even showing videos to them so that they can eat. I must say checking phone are getting in the way of vital bonding with our kids.

I have seen even my little one coping me to talk over phone. She knows we have to smile while taking selfies. But we forget we are not only taking selfies, we are introducing smartphones to them. Distraction such as a smartphone can be harmful to our relations with kids and even worse for kids development.

For our babies, we are their source of entertainment and learning. If baby is trying to make contact with you by noises or pulling your hair that means they can sense you are avoiding them. They will even throw tantrums to catch your attention or will try to pull your phone away. If they can’t, they will learn over time that they can’t rely on you to respond. Their insecurity will be attached to you and they will ramp up their behavior until you pay attention. You will later see that they started competing with cellphone to get your attention. And if still they are unable to gain your attention then it will results in stressed and depression in kids. This stress and depression will show effect on their eating and sleeping difficulties. And even harm their mental and emotional development.

Your baby also needs the chance to interact with you and other children, which is crucial for their learning and development. Sitting with smartphones in home or outdoor means your baby is not crawling, walking, climbing and exploring her new environment. So you are ultimately cutting your child’s opportunities for physically active and creative.

Remember our childhood that was not bound to sit at home with technology around. We are replacing all activities like playing outdoors, cycling, swimming etc with playing games on smartphones. And even the main of all is our family "we" time i.e. is most important for our bounding with our little ones. We missed our special time with them without realizing that they will grow fast.

Be aware of how much screen time you engage in at home. There is a link between how much smartphones you as a parent watch and how much your child watches, so try to lead by example. It is important to be responsive to your kids so just keep your phone aside and spend some time with them. Listen to them when they want your attention, don't show them that "smartphone" is more important as compared to your kids.

Playing with mud and splashing water may be messy, but it’s part of learning and their development. Babies should be encouraged to explore the world physically to grow healthy and they will learn this by your acts so help your kids by giving less importance to technology. So its time to show them by keeping your phone aside and pick them up to enjoy their childhood.

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