The digital dilemma
|   Nov 24, 2014
The digital dilemma


Children enjoying their favorite cartoons as their parents relish a peaceful meal together or concentrate on their driving is a common sight in today’s digi-savvy world. Children can be kept involved in their digital endeavors at just the flick of a button. Moms may forget any other essential in a baby bag but the digi accessory is the first to go in. It acts as a soother, pacifier, nanny all rolled in one; keeping the children occupied as parents go through their preferred regimes without any stress.

It’s the in thing to have your child in a comfort zone with latest technology. There is no harm at all in introducing children to this technological world at a young age as it holds the key to their future. A parent’s pride is immense when complimented on the expertise of their young wards with trending tabs or perfect phones. Embracing technology is not good or bad—it’s just there and is in a recognizable conflict zone.

Androids and Tabs are the new playground for children.  Yet are we sure of who they meet and what they play? Angry birds seem to be this generations Mickey Mouse and rattles are seemingly replaced by Talking Tom. But a recent study suggests that “Tech is killing Childhood”. Gadgets are hampering the ability for children to connect to the real world and have lasting repercussions on physical, social and behavioral development.

Children spend more time alone and indoors glued to the screens of their gadgets. Needless to say we are all aware of the harmful effects of the screen and the lack of physical activity. Images on the screen move extremely fast, but unfortunately, the real world is not so fast paced. A child who is excessively dependant on watching cartoons or games on electronic gadgets may find it arduous to correlate the two.

Excessive use of technology at a young age can have untold and everlasting impact on  young impressionable minds. Children are not able to fathom the limitations they need to keep in mind and may fall easy prey to cyber crime or be influenced by online erotica.

There are many educational and fun filled applications targeting cognitive development of young minds. These must be used to enhance learning. Printed books are also essential over and above online text and so are real pets or toys.

Once again it is important that a parent introduces but monitors and limits the use of modern gadgets to optimize learning and make dependence on these gadgets moderate. Parents do not need to worry about an early introduction to latest technology however; they just need to resist the use of the same as a pacifier or a substitute caretaker.

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