Epidural Without Guilt
|   Dec 27, 2015
Epidural Without Guilt

Induction or C section or drug free or epidural … should giving birth put mothers on trial for others to judge?    I was judged on taking an epidural while giving birth. I was once told by a friend I was weak for making that choice instead of pushing through the pain. An elderly relative told me that I was selfish and not a good enough mother as I could  not bear the pain which woman have gladly  undergone since ages.

 Yes I took the conscious and informed decision of taking an epidural during my delivery.  I still remember that pain which was unbearable. As the contractions started slowly but steadily the pain started building up. One hour went by then two and then I gave up. My doctor offered me the option of EPIDURAL. I took less than a second to say “Yes I need an epidural “. I was asked to sit in a curled up position and the anesthetist administerted the drug. I was relieved beyond words.  The relief that I gained cannot be described in words. I was able to sleep till I had to start pushing.  I did not experience any side-effects after getting an epidural.    To be honest I did not decide from day one of my pregnancy that I would be asking for epidural. But once labour pain started I was not able to bear that pain. No matter how prepared you are physically and mentally but giving birth is hardest thing a woman does.

Here I am not advocating the use of epidural. I have read about its side-effects also. I personally did not experience any complications. Everything was fine. I just want to stress upon that let’s not judge woman how they have given birth.  I have no  qualms in admitting that I have a low pain threshold and could not bear the pain.  I know my body better than anyone- only I can be the judge of how much pain I can or I can’t take.  I did what was right for me and my child at that moment.  An epidural is a personal decision, like many more I will make as a mom and I don’t feel guilty of it. My having epidural does not make me less of a mother than those who have an unmedicated birth.My opinion is that if you want to have a un medicated delivery, have one. If you want to have an epidural, have one. Neither can be right because neither is wrong.    Women who have C- sections birth are also wonderful mothers. Childbirth is often one of the hardest and most painful things the human body goes through.  Let's  respect the  women irrespective of how they decide to give birth. It is the hardest thing a woman does in her lifetime.Getting a little relief during that makes you no less of a mother.

 P.S.- I am not advocating the use of Epidural. Please make your own informed decision after consulting your doctor.

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