It’s OK to love yourself Mommies
|   Nov 12, 2015
It’s OK to love yourself Mommies

After becoming a mom I have realized that a woman especially a ‘MOM’ has never ending  responsibilities and duties. Most of the times  mothers  make  children’s needs as the main focus  of their lives  and may neglect their own self. I believe every mom deserves the opportunity to satisfy her own needs for good mental and physical health. She needs to remember if she doesn't take care of herself, she cannot take care of others. In my opinion -“The world will not end if the woman of the house will put themselves first once in a while”.

Here are some of the things that every mom should do for themselves-

1. Moms need to realize  that there is no ‘PERFECT MOM’

It’s very important for all mothers to realize that there is no perfect style of parenting and not one mom is or ever will be a “PERFECT MOM.”  Every mom is a good mom. Each mom has her own individual way of handling her children and situations. Every mom makes mistakes. Once we let go of the idea of perfect parenting we can also let go of the guilt associated with this unattainable desire.

2. Ask for help/ Share the load

We always want to do it all but we can’t. It’s okay when you lose your superhero powers. No one will think less of you. You should stop thinking what other people are going to say. Mothers are also entitled to rest periods. People close to you will always be glad to take care of your children so that you can get some rest.

3. Pursue a Passion

We spend a lot of time cultivating our children’s interests and desires. We should do the same things for ourselves. Pursuing a passion helps maintain a sense of self beyond the role as “mom.”Whether a passion is reading, writing blogs, gardening or knitting, a mom needs to make time to engage in the activity.

 4. Rejuvenate yourself  

 Every mom deserves an occasional indulgence to pamper herself. A planned night out with friends to share fun, laughter, and adult conversation should be on every mom’s “must-do” list. Spending the day shopping, getting a massage, pedicure, manicure, or, pampering oneself is a well-deserved indulgence for a mom. Even something as simple as watching your favorite programme on T.V or enjoying a cup of coffee without the hustle and bustle of children and life can be a relaxing treat.

5. Do some sort of Physical Activity

Physical activity has amazing benefits. Regular exercising will help you to increase energy, feel good about youself, build self-confidence and improve self-esteem. It will also assist in reducing the amount of stress in your lives. The benefits of physical activity for a mom are vast and worth the effort of exercise.

6. Make food that YOU like or order something that YOU love

Most of the mothers love to cook what their children like to eat. Cooking up your favourite dish for a change will not make you any less of a mother.

7. Being a mom don’t forget to be a wife

Being a parent is a huge responsibility but don’t take your partner for granted. Spending time with your husband doesn’t make you a bad mom. By giving attention and showing them the importance of your relationship, you are modeling healthy relationship for your kids.

8. Compliment yourself

Compliments are nice to receive, even from yourself. They remind you how terrific you are .You need to take time to reflect on all the good things you do throughout the day and compliment yourself. It can really perk you up and don’t forget to say “ I Love Me” while you are doing it.

Moms have a lot on their plate! But it’s important for every mom, amid all her responsibilities to find time to take care of herself. Remind yourself that you a valued member of your family. Every mom deserves the opportunity to take care of her mind, body, and spirit. Taking care of yourself allows you to take better care of others. That means when you spend time on yourself, you are really doing everyone a favour. So all mommies go ahead and take some ‘me time’ guilt free.  



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