How fit are you down there?
|   Jan 28, 2016
How fit are you down there?

As we grow old, we notice numerous signs of ageing in our bodies. Almost every one of us tries our best to hide them. Hair colour, anti-ageing face creams, surgeries are a few examples but do we think about how fit are we internally? How healthy is our vagina?

Factors like ageing, pregnancy, over-weight etc. can affect our pelvic floor muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles lead to weaker / loose vagina.


Below are a few tips to maintain healthy vagina:

Kegel Exercise: these help in toning the pelvic floor muscles. Watch this video to learn How to do Kegel exercise.

Overdoing Kegels can lead to adverse effect, only do what your body can handle.

Squatting: regular squats also help in maintaining a healthy pelvic floor. Make sure you do these correctly. Keep your back stable and as flat as possible. Your knees should always point in the same direction as your toes and stay behind them. Try to do these in front of a mirror to make sure you are doing them correctly.

Eat Healthy: a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet along with a lot of water keeps your vagina happy. Food like yogurt and cranberries can prevent / heal yeast infections.

Safe Sex: we all know this one. Practice safe sex to avoid STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Right Underwear: you should stay away from tight underwear and thongs to avoid irritation of genitals (vulva). Also, pick suitable fabrics – such as cotton – that allow genitals to breathe and prevent growth of bacteria. You should always change sweaty workout clothes / wet swimsuits as soon as possible. 

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