Life on the Edge.
|   Sep 07, 2016
Life on the Edge.

Sujata opened her wardrobe and picked up a black dress. She had to preside over the meeting that day. Her boss was celebrating her anniversary in Singapore. She took a shower and applied makeup attentively. Checking her kohl-lined  eyes , she went to the breakfast table. Julie had made her favourite chicken sandwich. Delighted, she poured the orange juice. "It's going to be the best day of my life,"She thought humming softly. "Good Morning, Aditya came out of his room for breakfast.Sujata avoided looking at him. "How much I dislike his unshaven,unbathed look. Did I ever love him?? Isn't love eternal?" for a moment she forgot he was around."You are ready for the office,"He asked, probably to start a conversation. "Yes and I am in a hurry,"She left the juice. "Your manipulations no longer work on me,"She thought aloud. She came out in a haste.The driver was waiting outside. 

"How can I avoid him? We live in the same house. Wish I had enough money to send the kids to the boarding. Another hike or perhaps a new job , God please help. Will I be happy without him??" She didn't remember when the relationship started going south. Love brought them together  exactly thirteen years ago. Life was all roses when they got married. He had a pretty decent job at that time. Inundated with love, Sujata couldn't think of anything. All she wanted was him, by her side. Initial years were  heavenly. She didn't remember when did she come out of the trance. Perhaps it was the day when she had realised that he lied to her at the drop of a hat or the day when she caught him with the girl working in his office. Shattered, She tried to match the dots. He didn't love her ever. Probably, It was her father's money or her working status which attracted him. She tried to change him with her love and dedication. Was it easy to change people??" Sujata's train of thought stopped as the car halted in the office parking.
Sujata looked gorgeous in her knee-length black dress. Her colleague's eyes told her that. Proudly, she entered her office. She was before time. "I have come a long way from that first job at the front desk in a small textile company. I have everything that I craved for once except....
Stop," she told her mind. The meeting with the client  went well."This will earn the company another crore. To me,it's  another promotion and perhaps the much sought after freedom." She was checking her emails when she saw a message on messenger.
Dear Sujata
Aditya and I had an affair long ago. Now he is blackmailing me.Can we meet??
"I ain't interested to know who he is taking to bed," Sujata wanted to reply."I don't think so. I am busy today,"she wrote instead. She tried hard to concentrate on the emails. But the monkey mind couldn't be caught.

"What happened? Darling, You look dull,"Aditya came once she reached home. She ignored and looked him in eyes. "I must meet that woman. Another woman shouldn't suffer due to this jerk of a man. How much he had changed over the years.He had been jobless for last four years. Everything about him is suspicious. The vacation, he sponsored two years ago might have come from that lady's money, Who knows?"Sujata was in deep thought.  "I have sold some stocks,"he had told her. She decided to meet that woman the next day. 
Sujata couldn't sleep a wink. "I don't want to sabotage your marriage. Don't have any interest in your husband. I have a family I love.He has been bothering me since last one year. I gave him money. Now I don't have anything to pay him. Taking my husband in confidence, I have approached you.You are my only hope," Nimisha told Sujata. They were sitting across the table in an upmarket restaurant near Sujata's office. "I trust you completely,"said Sujata caressing her hand.  "He had some cards and love letters which I wrote. He said that he would share them on social media if I don't give him money. You being a woman, can understand the harm it can do to my reputation,"Nimisha was in tears. Sujata assured her to take care of the matter. 
Sujata reached home and entered his room without announcing. He was on the internet watching  porn. She switched off the laptop. "Hey, what's the matter with you? he asked coming closer.  "Don't, you have no right ." "What happened, baby? Aditya touched her hand to charm her again. "I have met Nimisha today." The colour disappeared from his face. "She has told me everything and I believe her. Stop bothering her." "That bitch, she's a liar," Aditya shouted. " Watch your language. I never knew you could stoop to this level.Mend your ways. A divorce is long pending. I have been living on the edge since long,"Sujata was breathless. Aditya tried to embrace her. She pushed him hard and came out of his room. Slowly, she entered her room. "Now what,"she thought. "I must take this last leap. I can't live on the edge all my life. Kids should be sent to the  boarding first. This is my struggle. But Money, how to get that?? She remembered her father's words. "I respect your decision to stay with Aditya. Although I don't agree with you. Keep one thing in mind. Whatever I have is yours. Don't hesitate ever to ask me for anything. You are my strong girl." Sujata smiled and picked up the phone to call her father.


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