What Karwa Chauth means to me
|   Oct 16, 2016
What Karwa Chauth means to me

Its again that time of the year, when social media is running over-time over the importance and authenticity of women ‘fasting ‘for Karwa chauth ?I have been bombarded with THE question ‘ Do you follow Karwa Chauth’ ? several times, mostly by other women( and very few men) and with this typical smug look on their face that they are so sure of what the answer will be .

I am someone who observes Karwa Chauth, purely out of choice. I firmly believe and follow in ‘To each his own’. While my mother-in-law did introduce me to this tradition 15 years ago, but she never insisted that I follow it. I don't do it for the longevity of my husband's life either. I have always prayed that may neither of us outlive the other, though I know it is inevitable. It will happen someday. I instead pray for the longevity of the beautiful life that we have created together. Our friendship, our unsaid understanding of each other, our struggles, our shortcomings, our triumphs and our unconditional love for our son and everything else we have built together, all on our own.

I do not follow all the rituals. I will be honest I do not know them either. I grew up in a family where this festival was not observed and I didn’t go that extra mile to religiously follow the Bollywood blockbusters that have taken this festival to another level altogether. While I loved watching the elaborate rituals in the movie ' Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham ', I don’t follow this and don’t intend to do so. This movie has inspired me not for Karwa Chauth, but for firmly believing in its title and how true this holds for the lives we lead.

I don’t care much about the dark color of henna on my hands or the mandatory RED colored outfit nor do I dress up like a bride on the day of the fast. I apply henna simply because I love doing so.I have never received gifts or hampers. I have never prayed with a group of women. I prefer to pray for the sanctity of my love in privacy and pray to God in the serene ambiance of our home. I do not see the man through the sieve when the moon comes up. Looking him in the eye over some great food and wine is how I celebrate this beautiful day. Cheers!

I do not rush to see the moon as soon as it comes out. I like it to be private and I quietly say my prayers. In the last few years, my husband has also started fasting for me, the thought itself is enough to make me happy high but he does it with utmost sincerity and I know he says a little prayer too. I have never asked him. I assume he prays for something similar. At least I hope so.

Adherence to a ritual makes sense only if you understand it and believe in it. For me, this is a day to celebrate love and friendship. So I do it my own way. As for feminism and gender equality and women rights, I believe in all of that. But seriously, let's not drag it into everything.

Its time to gear up for Karwa Chauth and enjoy it to the fullest, filled with fun , laughter and the precious moments with my beloved.


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