Save Yogesh to save India's future
|   Apr 20, 2016
Save Yogesh to save India's future

I recently came across the story of Yogesh. Yogesh is a 7-year old boy who lives in Agra. He goes to the best school of the city. His parents and family overall is extremely educated. His parents are invested in his education. We can easily expect him to have a truly bright future with all possibly best opportunities available to him.

However, I would like to zoom-in further into Yogesh's average day in his life. On a usual day, Yogesh likes to make stories. He created a story from Dabangg, Star Wars and CID. He can also easily answer most of the grade appropriate content. Yet, his parents are often worried about his future and he ends up studying till 12 at night whenever he has an exam the next day. Does this sound alarm to you?

Indeed, it might come to your mind that creating stories does not ensure a good job and one can always pursue a career in writing later on but, think again about story-creating aspect. The only difference between a great salesman, great advertising man, great manager, great employee and their average counterparts is the power of storytelling. The power of storytelling eventually develops your creativity skills, thinking skills and communicating skills which are very much needed in any job these days. Alternatively, if you believe that they are not needed in your job then, my friend, I am afraid to tell you that your job will pretty soon get automated. Just ask the call centre guy who just lost his job to automated call response machines.

Moreover, the tragedy of the situation about education in India is that low-income group is struggling for basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills whereas the middle-to-higher income group is unaware but, struggling for next level of skills i.e. creativity skills, critical thinking skills etc.

Nonetheless, most educational organizations are working for low-income group kids which is definitely an urgent need but, what about the kids like Yogesh. There are almost 100 million students enrolled in private schools (E&Y Report). Are we preparing them sufficiently for the future? A future that boasts to 65% students who are in K-12 schools currently will work in jobs that do not exist, 47% of current jobs will be automated by the time today's 5-year old is ready to join the job, 50% of the content from current undergraduate degrees will be obsolete in next 5 years (Data taken from Heather McGowan's article)

Thereby, we surely are looking at a brighter future if skill development starts to happen even for K-12 sector for each kid irrespective of their socioeconomic background because it will empower our human resources to take their country to a greater height rather than being challenge to its development. 

Furthermore, at an individual level, it will give Yogesh as well as several kids like Yogesh the power to utilize their potential fully to come up with more creative ideas, solutions and approaches for several problems that India and world faces today. Additionally, it will make them happy and healthy in long run!

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