Being Lazy: A Good Habit
|   May 29, 2017
Being Lazy: A Good Habit

We have grown up listening to our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, that random person on the street (who was he exactly??)… All of them telling us, at various points in our life, that laziness is an  extremely bad habit to have. If we want to grow, develop, progress in life, we have to be hard-working,  where hard work generally equals long hours of work. Me, being especially lazy; a quality I managed to  imbibe ever since my birth, you can just imagine, how many times I would have had to listen to multiple tirades on this topic. My life was a series in hell, till I reached the corporate world and finally started  pretending to take my own decisions! After spending some time with the corporate busy-bees, I had an epiphany! Being lazy is not really bad…  

In fact, I would even go as far as to say that laziness (to a certain extent, of course) is actually a good quality to have in today’s world. Now, before you jump on me, and start badgering me about how I’m  wrong, let me stop you right there, and ask you to spare your breath. Coz, I’m going to explain in detail  and prove to you how I’m right!!  Just please bear with me for a little while! 

So, here are my points in favour of being lazy –

1. You successfully find the shortest way to do a job:

You are very good at finding shortcuts (not compromising the quality of work, mind you!). You  automate reports, link files, reduce rework, reduce manual tasks, find those elusive excel & ERP  shortcuts… All this to make sure your overall work time gets reduced. And when you finish your  work so fast, there is that added praise from your manager, which makes it all the more worthwhile! 

2. You learn to delegate non-core activities:

All those jobs or activities, which are not mandatorily required to be done by you, you learn to delegate them. This ensures appropriate knowledge transfer, information sharing, and most  importantly, not trying to have all control with you! 

This works at home, for females as well, as you learn to delegate tasks with the least risk of going wrong (!!) to your maids. You also make your husband and kids help you out in household chores,  ensuring they learn to behave responsibly! For e.g., the shoes go in the shoe rack, the moment you  enter the home. Result: You have a responsible kid & your work of cleaning up is reduced! 

3. You learn to trust your colleagues / peers / associates / family:

Since you are not burdened by the pressure of keeping all controls to yourself, you learn to trust your colleagues / associates, that they will do the job right. Of course, you have check points in place  to ensure things run smoothly, but there is still a lot of freedom, transparency & a light atmosphere  around you. Your juniors like you for trusting them, and peers like you for the transparency… So, all- in-all, a happy place to work! 

At home, you will leave some chores to your husband to do the way he wants to do them. If you nag him about his method, he will very likely stop doing it for ever, and that is the last thing you want  him to do!! So, even though this looks extremely difficult, you let him finish in his own way… (Even if  you need to slightly rearrange the cupboards he put the clothes in, later on… at least he did most of  the required work!)

4. You mandatorily take out time to unwind and relax:

Being an essentially lazy person, relaxing is something which is always the first thing in your mind!

So, you tend to take regular breaks from work, sit and relax for at least an hour daily. Make sure you don’t plan for the full weekend away. You keep at least one day of the weekend for yourself. This  metime helps you recharge and reenergize yourself every day and every week. 

5. Last, but not the least, you don’t stress yourself out too much:

Stressing out & having fast / furious thoughts is something your brain doesn’t like to do. So, even when you are surrounded by a mountain of work, you have that ability to think calmly about the  situation and discard unnecessary thoughts. This attitude earns you a lot of respect among your  peers and seniors and juniors!! 

So, I hope you agree with me now, that being lazy is actually a good habit to have! The catch in this is, like all other good things, this will remain good only when exercised with moderation and after correct  prioritization. Once you learn how to do this math, you have the perfect formula to manage your  personal as well as your professional life!!

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