You and I in this beautiful world of Equal-Parenting!
|   Sep 08, 2015
You and I in this beautiful world of Equal-Parenting!

Page1: He held the baby before I could. Nervous, unsure but my husband held him and held him with a smile. But yes! I held our baby longer. And then began a long routine of feeds, diaper change, erratic sleep. If not always, in the colic filled nights, we were together handling the incessant cries, rocking, swaddling and taking turns to catch up on sleep.

We kept our son's name Neev. I suggested, he agreed.


Page2: 5 months later it was time to resume work and I was getting apprehensive. What with all the issues of solid food, baby tantrums and my own emotions. Contemplative I was but he was assertive in lending all the necessary assistance to enable me rejoining.

He Assured Parenting equally, I agreed.


Page3: A long saga of Work- Life Balance begins. However much the phrase Equal-Parenting may sound cool, it can sometimes cause not-so-cool confusion. Regardless of having certain defined roles, there are chances of overlaps.  I scold, he pampers and when he rebukes, I console. I say rice, he offers chips and when he sounds nutritious, I indulge. If I find an attractive toy , I pick it up and whenever he flies back from his trip, he brings a gift definitely for our son. Neither of us had a stronger responsibility and either of us was eager to Pamper. At times, our son exactly knew how to take advantage of our unsync shower of love.

Thankfully wisdom prevailed in taking critical decision like type of education and school selection.

We both instantly liked one particular school, we agreed.


Page4: gradual it may have been but as our son grew out of toddlership, we  got more aligned and sorted in our partnership

1. When alone with him, each of us handle him the way we want and best can. Acts as a good bonding exercise too.

2. In front of the child, we appear in agreement with each other even if we are not at times. Disagreements can be discussed later.

3. When am forthright discussing something with the child, he steps back to compliment and when he is engaging, I step back to support.

4. Broadly divided duties amongst ourselves. And assist each other whenever needed.

He takes care of the sports related activity while I take care of the school overviews and we have happily agreed.


Many more pages to come but currently happy to be Parenting from this page wherein we are #ParentingFromTheSamePage ..Well! Almost!!

We have fun in trivial disagreements yet in complete sync with our larger nurturing ideologies. We still keep discovering new facets in our 6 year old, we still keep getting amused with his kiddish pranks, we still keep getting annoyed in his messy routines.


Till he becomes more independent and parenting becomes more strategic, till we turn over to the next page,  Life is...

"What? The floor is flooded with paints?? Neev did not cap the Paint bottles??.. Yet Again?!"


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