Always Very Busy
|   May 29, 2017
Always Very Busy

I always found a picture of a women have some 6 to 8 hands doing all the chores like having cellphone in one hand laptop in another, ironing clothes by third one and cooking with fourth one, having baby in fifth one and lipstick in sixth one and so on.

These images surfaces more on the occasions like Women’s day, Mother’s Day etc.

Nowadays society and a women herself expected to be a super women handling all the chores of home and office efficiently and single handedly.

And of course we women are managing this with flying colors but ………

Being always busy is not a fun, it’s stressful, and harmful to our overall health and sanity too.

So slow down ladies, learn the art of delegation.

Delegation means assign some of our task to the person who can do that tasks. In the mode of being superwomen, we always forget that we are human beings, our body needs rest, our mind need to sleep peacefully without stress and our dear family, and our children also need our quality time. We ourselves need our time for our hobbies, for sleep and for simply doing nothing.

Every one of us just gets 24 hours in a day and we have to finish hundreds of tasks in these 24 hours.

It’s really not possible to finish each task with quality and same dedication especially when task list is gruesomely long. This time delegation does the magic.

You can make your family members habitual to helping you by delegating them some tasks. Its demand of time, you need help then and then only you can spend quality time with family and yourself.

Some are the following points which help to delegate and shading of our “Always very busy” tag,

  • Try to take help from kids at home in small tasks which they can manage: May be at first they are not willing to but try to interact with them at the same time so they will find it a way of spending time with you and they will love helping you. Ignore at first if they do it with imperfections. They will learn soon. Don’t strive for perfection at each task, doesn’t matter if clothes are not folded properly.
  • Indulge other family members and man of house in other tasks like cleaning, chopping of veggies etc.: Always appreciate them when they help, they will understand their importance and will help you happily.
  • Professional help: If office hours are so long and tiring then get some professional onboard for chores like cooking, laundry etc.
  • Try to discipline yourself and family members for “Everything at its place”: Discipline yourself and family members to keep stuff at their designated place after use so that you don’t have to rework on it.
  • Professional delegation: Boss’s favorite employee is those who always raise their hand to take up new projects and tasks. But remember the golden rule “Swallow that much which you can chew”. Piling up tasks on your desk is not a good thing when you cannot finish it in time. Say loud and clear if you already have a lot to do.
  • Ask for help: In profession or in personal don’t shy off to ask for help. At some or other time we all need help and of course we have to be ready to help also.
  • Learn to say No: And this is very important point, we should not say yes to the tasks which we cannot do and they are no way important.


So these are some key points which help us to be less busy. Being always busy is no more a glamourous thing; we all need our quite time, out pleasure time and our enjoyments. So ladies next time when someone says she is very busy hand over these tips to her and help her to make her life enjoyable and refreshing.    


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