Peace which is not peaceful for my soul
|   Aug 04, 2017
Peace which is not peaceful for my soul

When I was married everything looked beautiful,beautiful house,beautiful family,perfect husband but does really  these things stay for long???..The answer for me is "NO",it was just temporary so that I believe I got what I was dreaming of and once the dream is over I come into reality...

But I am OK my dear husband,I am ready to accept the reality too but don't consider me as a non existent thing,I have existence,when I am asking something I need an answer,when I am angry on something I need an explanation,when I am upset I want you to come and convince me,when I am crying I need consolation but all I get is silence,the answer to all my emotions is silence.Your silence is not the solution of any of our problems,it's just the ignorance of my existence and it's killing me day by day.....

Sometimes it's really nice to be silent but this does not work everytime,you have to listen to the opposite person and revert back.For how long any person would do one sided conversation...Silence is not an indication of peace everytime,everytime silence just indicates someone's inability to face the situation and an easy way to run away from it.I have a house full of people yet I am alone,have no one to share my problems,my anxieties,my worries,my happiness because all I get is silence,there is only silence between us,peace which is not at all peaceful for my soul.I want you to come and sit near me,ask me what's wrong,listen to me,tell me what u think about my feelings,give me an explanation,sort out the problems between us,only keeping numb about the problem or ignoring me won't solve the differences between us,ur silence and ignorance is just increasing the distance between us and someday this distance will be so much that we won't be able to see each other.

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