Drinking to your health!
|   Jul 26, 2017
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Drinking to your health!

The decision long pending had to be taken, and so it was. Emails sent, payments made. Transport change requests, ID card handovers, extra pair of changes. A fruit a day, just in case. Off she was packed, at end of school hours. Day care!

For me it should have meant more time, more freedom. Extra few hours to write, watch, read. Even sing, if I would. What a privilege! I fished out hard drives full of movie collections, placed due orders from my wish-list on Amazon, even labelled a new diary that I was to henceforth use for a journal to make best use of the time without wasting one bit of it. And so, it happened.

For a few days.


Until what I would have thought to be just incidental became to show up as regular. Urgent phone calls, soaring temperatures. Middle of the night throw ups. Incessant coughs. Patches on the skin.

Maybe it is just the weather change. Happens! I tried to explain, waiting for them to subside with time.

Only, they didn’t.

Days missed at school soon outnumbered the hours that could have been spent at Day care, and out went the plan of the window. With the health, in flew the worries. One after another.

It was then that my mother suggested it. “Um, could it be because of, erm, day care?”

“No, never!” was my urgent response. They handle so many kids, they feed so many children. How can it be for day care?

Only, the doctor later confirmed, like always, that the mother was right. “Immunity issues are common at this age,” he said. “And day care parents report of higher incidences. It is exposure, you see.” He also added that as the child is rapidly growing in height and weight, they require more protein to enhance their growth and immunity. Also, to ensure healthy growth, right micronutrients in the right quantity are necessary.

And, so? How do you put a control? What was to be done?

It was the mother at rescue, once more. Blame it on the evening time television commercials, of course. “How about Junior Horlicks?” she said after a long thought one day. “It is tailor made for children between 2-6 years. Apart from containing right nutrients in the right quantity that is important for immune function – Junior Horlicks also contains DHA that helps in brain development, which happens more rapidly than other growth parameters at this age.” She recited across the ether rays.

The granddaughter gleefully nodded her head from this end. Yes, she has seen that commercial too, in between the Doraemon breaks. “Junior Horlicks – weight, height and brain development in the rapid growth years.” She completed the sentence.

So be it, then!

Evening time cereals and a cup of Junior Horlicks is what it took to break the cycle after all. I was glad. We even raised a toast with our cups and said out “Cheers!”

I secretly wished for restored hours of writing as I clinked my cup with hers. I thought she wished for more fun at the day care, less of homesickness. Only, if I knew that another cycle, too, was soon to break. “Home food is yum, I won’t go to day care anymore,” declared her highness soon enough as she finished the cuppa!


Ah… So be it!​

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