Limit your Multitasking... stop sacrificing!!
|   Mar 02, 2016
Limit your Multitasking... stop sacrificing!!

It is a good read but again same message; women can manage everything but don't open the mouth in front of hubby/in laws to chip in. I fail to understand what we women are proud of... slogging all day long, getting the tag of best manager and above all what message we give to our own daughters and sons... Seriously don't agree with this article, if the lady has mother in law, husband, and father in law in the family, they should participate or at-least she should ask her family members to be a part of the daily chores. 

If we women are so much into sacrificing than we should seriously ask our daughters to only attend cookery & grooming classes and stay at home. 

It is I feel is the high time those responsibilities are shared in the homes and mums should teach their beloved sons to take up household responsibilities too, like we women have stepped out and manage our maids to bosses.

Women especially mother in laws should get a life when it comes to household work. You have got daughter in law and not cook, cleaner, banker, & sex machine for your son. ultimately they expect darling bahu’s to bring up the heir in the world. Sadly, In most Indian households in laws still feel the same. Son stays alone, let's get him married so that wife will come and cook. "Beta ko ghar ka khana milega bechara kitna kaam karta hai". Women please teach your sons to cook, clean so that they can respect their future wives for all the hard work they do.

It is good to multi-task which even I do all the time but husband also chips in big time. To the extent that when he travels, It pinches as he is very hands on when it comes to helping.

Marriage as they say runs on equal wheels however we women only carry most of the weight or in some cases put all the weight on our hubby (well that is wrong too). Key is to find the right balance. If maid is not available husband should realise and get up early and should not wait for wife to request same goes with in laws.

If cook is not present dear mother in law can help in chopping, kneading, and other light work. Moreover, we women should ask for help if needed and sacrificing career, friends, own family just because we are “MARRIED WITH KIDS” doesn’t make any sense. Years down the line we behave in the exact same manner with our own daughter in laws and vicious circle continues.

Until and unless we women our self-strike the right balance it becomes very difficult to even ask for the help but we should do that without any shame. Right from the childhood we are conditioned to sacrifice, more sacrifice and even more sacrifice with bragging about it!!

Women with sons should really need to evolve. Actually in the process of evolving our daughters we have forgot to evolve our sons too. There expectations from the wife are just the same as may be it was in 1950 – 60’s.

I sincerely hope that our perspective towards women being multitasking managers change. If family has multiple members they should all work together rather than delegating the work to bahu just because she is there to do all the crap and her mom has taught her to keep the together and adjust!!

A happy bahu – mom can easily manage her home and can give ample time to her kids. Kids learn what they see, if girls see that their moms are slogging all day and not complaining about it, they think it is ok. They will feel that it is ok if dad, dadi and dadaji are all sitting and eating while mom is working. In case of boys they will too learn that it is ok for us sit in front of TV/screen and do nothing because our moms and later on wife will do all the chores.

We need to break the age old traditions and notions so that our future generation of girls can have more opportunities and better lives. So that they don’t leave there career midway to raise families. They also get enough time to spend with their parents and friends and finally they don’t blame their kids for hindering there career and me time!!

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