Mad Maids world
|   Feb 23, 2016
Mad Maids world

In India we have this great luxury of hiring and firing maids and they too have ways to discard homes at drop of the hat. They have many reasons like compatibility with madam/family but above all the reasons they have issue of money which we so called educated people also face but level of requirements change.

However, depending too much on maids is also not a correct approach. Increasing there salaries just to keep them may suit some but is not a economically viable option for every household. Maids develop a tendency to ask for hike in every household than and sticking around at one place becomes very difficult for them.

The place where we live came up with a solution to combat the "maid crisis" ... a range is given to the people to hire a maid in certain amount like for 2 bhk/3 bhks and so on, also for every work separate rates are fixed and society ensures that residents follow it strictly. This system works out well for both maids and residents.

Someone suggested here that she is paying almost double of what other two houses are paying together, is that really something which can be given as a solution? How many people can play with there budgets to afford this kind of luxury. Also this kind of increase only put strain in the budgets of other households.

Also putting the feeling of insecurity in the maids is not correct, maids throw such tantrums all the time but instead of reason out with them if we start doing the same thing than what is the difference between maids and us...... flat none. 

We Indians should prepare ourselves as well as our kids to work on our own when crisis appears (work/ home/school or any other place) rather than Showing power to get the work done as it is a kind of slavery. When we visit USA, Europe, Australia or any developed country we appreciate citizens of those countries to work so effectively and on there own but forget the same thing in India.

Also being a working mom, I personally (along with my husband who is also working) find time to cook, clean, do office work, feed daughter and complete other social responsibilities too but how come women/girls get tired after morning chores. I too stayed with my daughter for first 3 years as she was struggling with health issues but housework, cooking, cleaning etc used to be over by 10 AM max... yes I also had maid for basic cleaning and still have one but when you are staying at home you do get lot of time to do the work, only thing needed is planning a day before and not cribbing the next day. 

With school going kids we do get busy post noon but saying we work 24x7 at home is an overstatement. If we don't plan, have no discipline, the work might never end and we pass same routine and schedule to our kids. It doesn't matter if we work or STHM planning and discipline is very important. 

Maids should be there to help us in the household work and not to run our household. Total dependence on maids make us totally weak, it is our household and we (women along with HUSBANDS) should run the show. Making kids all rounder should also include cooking, cleaning, dusting, plumbing etc because our future generations will have to learn to be independent as India makes more economic growth. It will also help our kids (both girls and boys) if they settle broad due to studies/marriage. So diplomacy will only work if we ourselves are not lazy bums else even after salary raise, maids will not take even few months to start so called black mailing again!!

Reason out with your maids...


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