A FATHER–Second Pillar Of The House
|   Jun 28, 2016
A FATHER–Second Pillar Of The House

“Mumma, please give my uniform. Mom is the food ready? Ma, please help in my studies.”

“Yes dear, just coming,preparing your breakfast. Take help from your dad.What’s he doing?”, Mom’s reply.

To which the kid replied back,”Oh, mumma, he’s busy. He is watching an important cricket match.And please hurry up. I’m waiting for you.”

Just cited an example that’s still prevailing in today’s most of the ultramodern households where there’s equality between men and women. Equality as the woman also goes out for work !!Is this equality , where the man is not bothere about any of the household chores?Why only the lady ?

Today, in an era, there are ample opportunities for both men and women to progress, this regressive attitude is definitely pulling us back.

Can we ignore the smile which embelish a kid’s face when he just spends 10 minutes with his father–talking, playing, walking, drawing or doing whatever,that’s of interest to him? Similarly, we have to accept the hard fact that the child feels ignored even when he spends a full whole day with his father but without any conversation or activity. Both busy in their “important” chores.

It’s blissful to be a father and thus spending “quality” time and not just “quantity” time with your children can boost up their spirits as well as lessen the responsibility on the female of the family, as a result of which, the morale of everybody in the house will be uplifted.

The two wheels of the house can move very fast, if they move together and suppose, if one wheel is deflated, obviously, it needs to be inflated first, so as to synchronise the family cycle.

Moreover, when you are living as a couple, you have the privilege not only to share the responsibility but also to share your love, care, brains and most importantly, the under-rated factor–your precious quality time. and is not an impossible task but a little effort is needed.And this is what our kids need. Don’t they?

Our li’l ones are way more smarter than us. They have lots and lots of questions in their small magic pot-their brain. Thus, if their queries are answered and discussed appropriately, then the’ll definitely move in the positive direction otherwise, the negativity in the world is there to welcome them with open hands.For them, the combo of father and mother is needed and desired so as to relish a yummylicious healthy meal afterwards.


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