"Good husband or Bad husband??" - a wondering wife.
|   Oct 14, 2016
"Good husband or Bad husband??" - a wondering wife.

Namita sat down with a cup of coffee wondering " what am I?" As she wondered tears rolled down her cheeks. A pampered kid she was for her parents and siblings..a teacher's pet she was..every friend's best friend..what more is expected from a person? We all try to be at least one of the above and here she was all the above..

Whatever she wanted, she earned it..education, love and affection. She topped her school, her college and finally flew abroad for a higher degree where she met him..Nitin, the love of her life. "what an understanding person he is, senses me even without looking back, takes words from my mind even without me saying it, standing up for me now and then. I just cant believe my luck!!" she thought as she gazed into the sky one day. She had equally committed to him. Her world was full of love. They both stood up for each other through all their time abroad. They were deeply, deeply in love.

Then, a day has come when Namita had to return home. Her mother immediately made out she had something really important to say and then Nitin was introduced. For two years, Nitin stayed mum but pleaded to wait. Namita and her family waited and waited, but their relation has not gone ahead. Finally, her father took the stand to move their relation ahead. Off to Chennai he went, he had to bear humiliation and worried seeing the family environment and the members in it but his girl would not let Nitin go. She would not listen despite him explaining the situation. He gave up at last and promised her to get the good news and he did.

It was then life had a wrong turn. Nitin promised,"no dowry", still dowry was demanded. He promised," respect", her character was questioned and her parents insulted. She was beaten up, hurtful words were thrown upon, false accusations put up on her. He said," I will manage", he was never in the scene. he said, "  I will not leave your hand when you need me", he was never there when she has been all through this.

She was meant to work like a maid, listen to whatever her mother-in-law demands, not allowed to build her career, has lost control of her personal care too. He was away in Mumbai. All the calls she had were monitored.She was not allowed to refer him as "her husband" or herself as "his wife". "What am I?" she always thought and hoped for that day (she would get to stay with her husband )  to approach soon. And, when it was another day to go for that day to come..she was almost beaten to death. she called him, " not until my dad approves" he said. " I might not be able to meet you if you wait for their approval", she said. " its a NO" he said. Before she could say another word, she felt the blow. She ran for safety and called two friends she trusted for life and got her ticket to Mumbai for the next available flight. "Im not receiving you" he said. "Akka, couldn't you wait for their approval? your father-in-law is hurt for what you have done" said Lolita, her sister. Namita couldn't answer any questions for she was not in a position to.

Somehow, Nitin turned up at the airport and there they were his parents on the next flight so that she could not share what happened to her. Little did she know they have told the contrary to their son while she traveled.

Then started the real struggle and she started losing both trust and love in Nitin, a guy for whom she fought, a guy for whom she did anything he wanted, a guy for whom she struggled with her in-laws. An understanding Nitin started misunderstanding her every action. "a person who could sense her every word in mind" started misinterpreting them. "a person who looked upon her" started looking down upon her. "a person who would stand up for her" never took her stand. Physical and mental harassment started. Flaws and flaws was all he can see." you are fat", "you are unfit", "educated fool", "you are trying to separate me from my family", "jobless", "clean the house" were all she could hear from him.Silently in the nights she would cry. No matter how unfair, he would stand by his parents and here she was unable to share her pain with her family and friends and is often bed-ridden.

"Divorce him" said her friends. How could she? She still loves him with all her might and he is her world. It is not easy for her. Nitin was acting on his parents will. leaving him was all all they wanted. Nitin was helpless and she had to stay in his life for him. "No,it isnt easy", she said.

Today was nothing new. Namita tried to argue defending herself but he would not listen. He knew he was unfair with her, but still he did it..a sharp slap on her cheek for his mother was mentioned to create the tiff .She sat down crying silently. Nitin came to her " why are you doing this to me?" "cant we remain at peace?" " show it all on me" " please understand my position, I cant take your stand. she raised me, she is my mother", he said . All she could wonder is "why am i questioned now? its the other way round." Yet, she remained still. He hugged her " I cant live without you", he said and went to work leaving her alone.

As she grabbed herself to fetch a cup of coffee and sat down on the table, she recollected the memories both good and bad. She wondered  as the tears rolled "Am I lucky?". "Here he is,sharing my life as my husband..the love of my life ". Someone's dutiful son, someone's best friend, someone's affectionate brother, a respectable man for the society, seeing all of which i fell for him and married him despite all odds. Now,here I am,I am his wife. err.." wife or slave??" and what shall I call him "good husband or bad husband?"

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